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What should we do if the pomeranians catch a cold?

Pomeranians are particularly vulnerable to colds when the seasons change, when temperatures are less stable, or when the weather is colder, as in winter. Most owners don’t mind catching a cold because it’s not a serious illness. But it should be noted that a cold is not a serious illness, but it can cause some of the more serious diseases. So when the owner of the Pomeranian found a cold or should take timely measures. So what do owners do when a Pomeranian catches a cold?


1. Keep Pomeranian warm:

First of all, when a pomeranian catches a cold, the owner should help him keep them warm. The first is to keep the house warm, preferably between 19 and 22 degrees, because this is the most suitable and comfortable for Pomeranian. The second is the need to add some small pads to Pomeranian’s Kennels to keep them warm and to keep them off the cold floor. Finally, Pomeranian could use some warm clothing if necessary.


2. Watch for symptoms of Pomeranian’s cold:

The next step is to deal with the cold head-on. The first is to observe the symptoms of Pomeranian’s cold. If it is just a sneeze or a runny nose, but appetite and spirit are not affected in any way, then they should not be given medicine, it usually heals itself in three to five days.

3. Get professional help:

But if Pomeranian’s cold is serious, and she’s already suffering from lethargy, loss of appetite, and even a rising body temperature, then the owner should buy some special pet medicine for Pomeranian to take, if the owner of a pet store can not buy special drugs for the pet, then the owner should promptly seek help from the veterinarian.