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What should we do if the Bichon Frise doesn’t like to eat

If your little Bichon Frise dog suddenly becomes unwilling to eat or basically do not eat, then you have to investigate the cause, the dog bear is sick, if you are sick, you have to take it to the hospital, the doctor will give you a professional answer if the little bear does not eat because of disease, then we can try the following two ways.


1、 Stop eating sometimes

You can let your little Bichon Frise empty stomach, and first, give it a day to stop eating, and then during this period only need to feed it to drink water. According to my experience, under normal circumstances, the dog will know how delicious the meal is the next day. In order to have a good meal in the future, I suggest that you should stop eating once a week and give your dog some easy to absorb and digest food. Vitamin B can promote the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat, protein, and other nutrients, promote digestion and improve the dog’s appetite. Judging the dosage according to the situation can effectively improve the dog’s diet. If the weather is hot, the dog’s appetite will also decline, but this situation is generally not too worried, the owner should pay attention to the dog to add enough water, also can appropriately feed some fruit to supplement nutrition.


2、 More exercise

Owners can increase the time or frequency of Bichon Frises dog‘s exercise. Small dogs like Bichon Frise can meet their sports needs by jumping and jumping at home. You can add more items to it, play the game of jumping around with it, or buy more toys to exercise (such as a dog biting glue, pulling the rope, etc.) and you can take it out for a walk after dinner Food can also exercise the dog’s body, but also enhance the relationship between you two, why not? Many Bichon Frises stay at home all day long, and dogs have limited space to move around at home, so all they can do is sleep. Less exercise, less energy consumption, if the owner of the last meal more, then the dog may not be hungry so fast, natural appetite is not very high. Therefore, the owner should not always let the dog stay motionless, let the dog go out for a walk, which can improve the physical fitness of the dog, but also make the dog feel hungry and eat better.
If it is in the hot summer, the dog’s appetite will certainly decline. The owner can choose to feed the dog in the morning or evening or eat some porridge or mung bean soup for the dog to prevent heatstroke.