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What should we do if poodle does not eat dog food?

The poodle’s mouth is famous for its greed. It can be said that under normal circumstances, there is nothing it doesn’t like to eat. However, if the poodle suddenly doesn’t eat anything, the owner should pay attention to it. If the dog doesn’t eat, they can’t eat enough nutrition to meet their growth. A long time will lead to their malnutrition, so the owner must Timely measures should be taken to help dogs improve their appetite so that they can grow healthily.

1: Can be appropriate to change the previous diet structure

Poodles don’t like dog food The most common reason is that the owner only gives him a portion of single dog food for a long time. After a long time, the dog will be tired of eating. Therefore, it is suggested that the owner can adjust the previous feeding method appropriately to enrich the dog’s food. Meat can be added to dog food, or nutritious vegetable soup and bone soup can be used to soak dog food for dogs, and some fresh food can be often fed to them Fruit and vegetables, but meat and vegetables should be reasonable, so as to improve the dog does not like to eat dog food phenomenon.

2: Reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines

Sometimes it may be that the taste of dog food is not very good, and it is dry and hard, and the intestines and stomachs of poodles are not very good. When they eat, their intestines and stomachs can’t tolerate it, resulting in indigestion, flatulence, and hunger, so they don’t want to eat dog food. At this time, the owner can feed them some dietary powder to reduce the burden on their intestines and stomach. In addition, they can be fed with natural ecological dog food, which tastes better and more nutritious. The dog will certainly like to eat it.

3: Take the dog for proper exercise

If dogs don’t want to eat, that means they are not hungry. The owner can take time to take the poodle out to do some proper telecontrol to promote their gastrointestinal movement, so as to consume their physical strength and speed up their hunger. As long as they feel hungry, their appetite will increase greatly and they should eat dog food.

4. Diet

(1) When the poodle was young, the owner could not give him milk. He only needed to drink clean and fresh distilled water, because the protein content of milk was very high, and the two were completely different. Although the milk contained high protein and high fat, the lactose was low, while the protein, low fat, and high lactose in milk were the opposite. The intestines and stomach of the poodle were very weak Method to absorb the nutrition of milk, it is likely to cause diarrhea in puppies.
(2) Puppies can not eat pure meat, there is also human eating chocolate, is not to feed, there are children at home should also prevent children to feed snacks to dogs and so on, the dog gut is very weak.
(3) Such as very heavy flavoring, mustard, pepper content too much food, will cause the dog’s oral ulcer, gastrointestinal ulcers phenomenon, so can’t feed.
(4) Dogs should never eat onions. The onion will cause acute anemia in dogs and even cause chemical reactions.
(5) Food with high salt content, dried and salted food, such as bacon, salted fish, small fish and shrimp, food ham and bacon, can not be fed to dogs.
(6) Such as ice cream, frozen milk, and other dairy products can not be given to dogs, especially for the body is not fully developed puppies. Sometimes, just a few mouthfuls of cold milk may cause puppies diarrhea, and even after a long time, it will form habitual diarrhea, which will lead to the weakness of puppies. The stomach and intestines of dogs are not suitable to eat these.
(7) Puppies are still within five months, it is best to feed professional puppy dog food because its nutrition is full, balanced, and comprehensive. If the owner thinks that the dog food is too dry and the dog’s teeth are not easy to chew, then use warm boiled water to soften and then feed it.
(8) Dogs can only occasionally eat some liver, that kind of animal visceral food, can’t eat for a long time, liver contains rich vitamin A, eat too much is easy to lead to vitamin A poisoning.
(9) The owner should not give the poodle some easily chewed bones, especially chicken bones and fish bones, which will not only get stuck in the throat but also may pierce the internal organs and cause the dog to die.