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What should we do if poodle bow and waist limp?

The poodle suddenly appears in the house. When walking around, the dog’s hands and legs are weak. With the bow back condition, generally speaking, there will be a variety of reasons. If not handled properly, it will give the poodle a hidden danger of physical and mental health. Then, what are the causes of the poodle’s limpness? Here are some simple points:


1、 Hand and leg injuries

When the pet owner finds that the poodle can’t walk well, he must check his hands and legs at the first time to see if there is any scratch or bleeding. If so, the pet owner should depend on the condition of the poodle, and if he can solve it by himself, he should help the poodle to clean up and tie the wound When the injury is serious and the pet owner can’t solve it by himself, the poodle should be sent to the outpatient department of the pet hospital, and the more technical and professional staff will help the poodle.

2、 Osteoarthritis will

Poodles often left and right indoor stairs, stay in a cold and humid natural environment and other reasons will cause poodle dog leg osteoarthritis, and powerlessness is the main manifestation of poodle rheumatism in the early stage. Therefore, the poodle suddenly bow waist leg weakness, will be caused by this one reason. It is suggested that VIP dogs should be given some dog specific nutritional supplements. During this period, pet owners can prepare some high-quality protein-rich and colorful food materials in advance, such as shrimp skin, beef, bean food, kelp silk, seaweed, beef, big bone soup and so on.

3、 Damage from excessive exercise

When the pet owner takes the poodle out to the theme activities, he does some high toughness fitness exercises for the poodle, such as riding an electric car to chase the poodle, or climbing mountains and running for a long time. All of these will make the poodle excessively exhausted, and some damage will be caused. At this time, in addition to the weakness of the limbs, the poodle will also have muscle ache and can’t lift up. Then the pet owner should limit the theme activities of the poodle and let it stay at home and have a good rest for a period of time.


4、 Poodle care knowledge

1. Generally speaking, if you live in a building, the stairs are not suitable for dogs to climb. Generally, the plane depth of the building is between 25 and 28cm, and the height is more than 20cm, which can only be used by people. But the plane height is 60cm, the height difference is within 12-15cm, so the design dog is suitable for going up and downstairs.
2. The reason why dogs choose to climb stairs is closely related to the encouragement of their owners. Of course, some dogs prefer to climb stairs. However, if you want to know that dogs who climb stairs for a long time, as early as four years old, the dogs will have lumbar and limb joint diseases, and when they are between six and eight years old, they may have behavioral disorders. Therefore, as long as the owner observes carefully, it seems that the dog’s strength of climbing stairs is still good before the age of four. After six years of age, the speed will slow down a lot. When the dog is eight years old, he will go up and down the stairs very slowly and will walk step by step obediently.
3. The stairs are shallow, and the times of going up and down are too many. For a long time, the dog’s lumbar spine is also easy to be injured. Because the height of the stairs is too shallow, the dog’s four feet can’t all step on the steps. So when the dog goes up the stairs, the back and waist must be arched to the end of each step to form a circle, so that the footpads of the two hind feet can move forward, reach the front of the front feet, and fall to the front side, but the buttocks are still below the level of the footpads of the two hind legs. In general, dogs will add more at this time The oil uses two hind leg footpads to push the body upward, and the two front leg footpads go up the stairs, thus completing so many steps between the floors.
4. Although climbing stairs can be regarded as a dog’s exercise, it will cause a great burden on the poodle dog’s lumbar vertebrae and limb joints for a long time. In particular, some dogs, with the praise of their owners, excitedly rush to the top of the stairs in one breath, which can cause serious damage to dogs.