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What should we do if our Siberian Husky have a fever?

As society changes, we can see that more and more people are keeping Husky, and Husky has always been popular in the pet dog market, and it’s not very difficult to keep him, but for many new owners, the experience of a sick dog can be overwhelming, so let’s find out what Husky’s fever might be like? What are we supposed to do?


1. Symptoms of Husky’s fever

Husky’s body temperature is one or two degrees warmer than a human’s. A normal body temperature would be between 37.5 and 38.8. A puppy’s body temperature would be slightly higher. So if your temperature is above 39.5 degrees when you take your temperature, you’re warm. In the fever, the more obvious symptoms that can be seen is that the dog spirit is more depressed, does not move, but also more drowsy. And some of Husky’s feverish breath would be rapid, his belly would be red, and his white eyes would be red. All of which basically means the dog has a fever.

2. Treatment

If the dog has a common cold and does not have a fever, we can give him some cold medicine first, but if the dog has a fever, in order to prevent it from being distemper, we should send him to the hospital for examination in time, avoid missing the best time for treatment. If time is not enough, some physical cooling methods can be used.

Ice: ice isn’t just for humans, it’s also possible for Husky to apply an ice pack or wet towel to the dog’s abdomen, and to soak the towel in water with an appropriate amount of diluted alcohol solution, it also helps Husky cool off.

Wet towel wrap: If it’s a small Husky, we can wrap it in a large towel soaked in cold water, because dogs are uncomfortable with the heat, so they’ll stay in and cool off for a while.

Medication: After seeing your doctor, give your dog medication as directed, and keep your diet light and nutritious, with less oil and salt, if your dog still has a poor appetite, can also be appropriate to feed some yogurt and stomach medicine digestion.


3. Pay attention to the Husky’s behavior

During Husky’s illness, we had to watch the dog’s behavior. Dogs don’t talk. Veterinarians determine what’s wrong with the dog, mainly by listening to the owner’s description. Misdiagnoses can occur if the owner is not concerned about the dog’s symptoms. For the sake of Husky’s health, we must observe carefully. After we determine the cause of the dog’s fever, we’ll have to find a way to treat it. It is very important to keep warm during treatment. The Dog’s resistance is very low during the illness. It is best to dress the dog and expose it to the sun. While Husky is ill, we should try to avoid Husky going out. We try to keep our Husky away from other dogs. If the dog is not sick, then try not to let it smell strange dogs, especially on the lawn of dog excrement, is the infection of distemper small important way.

As long as the dog’s fever is not caused by distemper, then the owner should not panic too much. As long as the treatment is carried out in an orderly manner and with a proper diet, the Husky dog will recover quickly, but if it’s a persistent fever caused by distemper, it’s a huge delay, and we need to get the dog to a doctor and vaccinate him against the disease to reduce the mortality rate.