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What should we do if our Siberian Husky gets hurt?

Husky is a very active, energetic dog, often referred to as the “demolition team leader. ”. When Husky goes out to play, we will let the dog go everywhere, and it inevitably gets hurt. When we found out that Husky was injured, pet owners tried not to let him go out for sports, especially running, jumping, swimming and other sports, so as not to harm his wound recovery, if it’s a minor injury, it’s okay to walk around the house or in the yard. Facing the injured Husky, pet owners should take measures as soon as possible to deal with its wounds, let it heal properly, will help to promote the recovery of the wound.

1. Clean and disinfect wounds

After we found out that Husky had been injured, the pet owner had to calm down and carefully observe his condition, while at the same time calming him down so he wouldn’t get too emotional, pay attention to the size, depth, amount of bleeding and residue of the wound to determine whether it can be treated by itself. If Husky’s wound is not serious, the pet owner should clean it up as soon as possible, and then we should put Elizabeth on him to prevent him from licking it, then we have to cut the hair around the wound too long for follow-up treatment, the wound can be exposed to use normal saline or hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound, and then Rub iodophor to the wound for disinfection, to avoid infection.

2. Bandading care

After we’ve cleaned Husky’s wounds, we can have someone secure his neck and limbs to prevent him from moving around, and then apply an evenly applied Sudoku to the wound surface to cover it as completely as possible, then the wound pad on some clean cotton, the outer layer of sterile gauze can do a good dressing. Pay attention to the tightness of the bandage, do not tie too tight, lest the wound is not breathable, do not tie too loose, lest Husky easily off the gauze. We can repeat the above measures to CARE FOR THE WOUND 2 ~ 3 times a day, waiting for the wound has the tendency of Scab, can reduce the number of replacement gauze.

3. Cut Down on Husky’s outings and get more nutrition

We need to cut down on Husky’s outings, and it’s best to keep him at home, not to lock him in a cramped room so he doesn’t get hurt, and not to bathe him or anywhere near the humidity, to keep the wound from getting wet. If we want to make Husky’s wounds heal faster, pet owners can give him proper nutrition, give him some good cream or canned food, or prepare some light, nutritious food for him to eat, husky’s enhanced nutrition will also help to promote wound healing.