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What should we do if our Samoyed have a fever?

Although the way everyone keeps samoyed dog is very scientific now, it still can’t prevent the dog from getting sick, and the most common illness for dogs is a fever, although fever is not a serious illness, it can lead to a lot of serious diseases, so when the owners find out that Samoyed has a fever, they must deal with it without delay. If you Samoyed has a fever and it’s a bit of a problem to treat, here’s a summary of the symptoms, causes, and treatment of the fever.


1. Samoyed’s Diet

When the dog has a fever, it may appear that although it is hungry, put food in front of it, also refused or picky eating, still need more observation and judgment.

2. Bowel movements in Samoyed

The stool will appear wet water shape stool or other and usually not the same color, shape and so on. At this point the host has to consider whether to suffer from what disease.

3. Samoyed’s appearance

Samoyed dogs may have dry noses, red eyes, discharge from the eyes, and often become lethargic with fever.

4. The shape of Samoyed

If Samoyed has a fever, we may find that the dog is not as lively and cute as he used to be. He is always lying on his stomach, staring blankly at his head, and not as enthusiastic as he used to be to his owner or acquaintances.


5. Causes of fever:

Temperature changes: Dogs will change seasons suddenly become cold or hot does not adapt to this stimulation, will produce a fever to resist, this is a physiological phenomenon.
Human Causes: It could be that after the owner bathes the dog, he doesn’t blow dry his hair, he’s wet, he has a cold, he has a fever, or it could be someone else.
Infection: Some human-to-human or animal-to-human viruses or bacteria can cause the dog to become infected with diseases. It is also possible that the dog may contain parasites that owners should carefully screen for.

6. The solution to Samoyed’s fever

Take Fever Medicine: We want to give the dog the right amount of fever medicine, to meet the number of dogs, too much or too little is not good, the owner to grasp, but also regularly observed.
Physical Cooling: the owner can use alcohol to wipe their feet, armpits, and other parts, and then covered with ice with a towel on the dog belly or higher temperature parts of the owner to observe, hard.
Pet Hospital: owners can take Samoyed to the vet, which is better than their own research if the dog’s fever doesn’t go away. Veterinarians can help us detect symptoms more quickly and prescribe the right medicine.
Vaccinations: The puppy samoyed resistance is not strong, to vaccinate to improve the resistance, since the adoption of the moment we should all need to vaccinate, so it will not worry, the dog will not always be sick.

7: Points to note:

When the owner helps the Samoyed dog to cool down, must pay attention to the scientific observation, which is ineffective in time to seek medical treatment.