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What should we do if our Golden Retriever have a fever?

Many dogs are very popular, especially the Golden Retriever, which is a large and excellent breed. Dog Ownership has now become a frequent part of people’s lives, most people think of dog ownership is a very interesting thing, and some people can treat the dog as a companion. So everyone’s attitude towards dogs is different, and the number of dog owners is increasing. The Golden Retriever is very strong, has golden silky hair, looks very elegant, is very beautiful and noble. However, the golden retriever also has a disadvantage, because its hair is too long and thick, and is a double layer, which causes its body temperature is always very high. So golden retriever fever how to deal with it, what are the symptoms of fever?


1. Determine the golden retriever’s temperature

First of all, the golden retriever’s body temperature is definitely different from people’s. Most people don’t know when the Golden Retriever has a fever or just a normal body temperature. Of course, there must be some symptoms when it has a fever, so you can judge by these manifestations. A golden retriever’s ears are not very warm, so if you touch his ears and find that his ears are very hot and higher than his body temperature, then it must be hot. Because normally the ear is cooler than the body, this is the easiest way to tell.
If you really want to know if the golden retriever has a fever, you can also use a thermometer to put some lubricant into his anus and find out his correct temperature in a few minutes. Golden retrievers have a normal body temperature of between 38 and 39 degrees when they are young, while adult golden retrievers have a normal body temperature of between 37 and 2 to 37 and 8 degrees. The Golden Retriever is known to be active, but the anus is extremely sensitive in this position. If you touch it here, it will also be disgusted, so it is best to test it when it is well behaved and quiet.

2. Golden retriever’s fever symptoms:

So after you know the treatment for his fever, you also need to know the symptoms of his fever. First of all, if he suddenly has a runny nose, we can first measure whether he has a fever. Because the golden retriever is normally not a runny nose, this is a cold symptom, they need to be self-protection in time. In addition, sneezing is accompanied by cold at the same time, this also need to pay attention to, and even sometimes sneezing will seriously affect their eating, so very dangerous. And when it comes to appetite, if it does not have a good appetite, such as eating much less than normal, or even less than half, no appetite. Even if you bring meat, it won’t give you an appetite, so it’s probably just a fever.
If you and the golden retriever get along on a regular basis, you can often observe his state. If one day it suddenly ignore you, and you call it does not look back, then it may be the body has a certain disease, such as fever, when you can also measure. Especially when the golden retriever, more prone to fever, we must pay attention.


3. How to deal with a golden retriever fever

If it has a fever, the most important thing is to lower its body temperature, you can use ice to solve it, and then find some alcohol, do not let it dehydration, because the fever when the body’s moisture rapidly evaporated, so to give it plenty of water. In conclusion, a dog with a fever is a serious problem and should be treated as simply as possible if the fever is low. If it is a high degree, or to take it to the hospital immediately. Don’t worry about spending money, after all this is really a very serious situation, if not timely treatment will be very dangerous, don’t penny wise and pound foolish. Click here for more information about golden retriever habitat.