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What Should We Do if Our Chihuahua Have a Fever?

Chihuahua’s fever is one of the most common diseases. What causes Chihuahua to have a fever? In general, there are many causes of fever, such as internal diseases, infections, or colds, which are likely to raise the body temperature of the Chihuahua. If the Chihuahua experiences a temperature rise, the master also does not have to be too anxious, must promptly take the treatment measure or promptly takes it to the hospital treatment, thus alleviates its pain.


1. What’s a normal Chihuahua’s temperature:

According to science, Chihuahuas vary in body temperature depending on their age, with healthy puppies typically having a body temperature between 38.2 and 38.5 degrees, the adult dog’s body temperature is around 37.5 to 38.5 degrees, which the owner must grasp, do not fall when the false alarm.

2. What causes Chihuahua to have a fever:

If the Chihuahua catches a cold it will cause a fever, the owner should keep it warm in time, in addition to the timely treatment for it. If the Chihuahua is attacked by an infectious disease, Chihuahua will also appear fever, to take it to the hospital in a timely manner, and in the meantime, the owner tries not to let the Chihuahua outside, to avoid re-infection, thus aggravating the condition.

When a dog has distemper, a fever is usually a precursor, but it is accompanied by other symptoms. The owner must carefully observe the Chihuahua’s symptoms at this time, if not, or take the dog to the hospital in time treatment more reliable insurance. For some dogs in the postpartum calcium deficiency situation, there will be fever, so the owner must not ignore these problems, to find the cause of fever Chihuahua, in order to symptomatic medicine, so as to reduce the pain of Chihuahua.


The Chihuahua’s body temperature varies according to age, with healthy chihuahuas typically maintaining a body temperature of 38.2 to 38.5 degrees Celsius, compared with 37.5 to 38.5 degrees Celsius for adults. If the Chihuahua is suffering from a sudden cold shock, infectious disease, or inflammation in the body that can lead to a fever, the owner must give the dog prompt treatment in order for the Chihuahua to recover. There is a bit of attention to the owner, if the postpartum calcium deficiency, the dog will also have a fever. Some people think a dog’s nose is wet when they see it. In fact, some dogs still have a wet nose when they have a fever, which is something we need to pay special attention to. We have a lot of people will think that as long as the dog’s nose is wet, the dog will not be hurt, this also varies from dog to dog, some dogs although the nose is wet, will also appear fever, so we must pay attention! When a dog is found to have a fever, it is important not to give the dog any medication, as many owners know it is not only possible to cure the dog quickly, but it can also aggravate the disease, so if medication is needed, it must be done under the supervision of a veterinarian.