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What should we do if Maltese has a fever?

If the Maltese dog has a cold, it is easy to have fever symptoms, which may be caused by abnormal temperature or improper care of the owner, so the owner does not need to worry and be nervous. Next, let’s take a look at what we should do if the Maltese dog has a cold and fever?


1. Improve living conditions

The Maltese have a cold and fever, probably because the place where he lives is relatively ventilated. If it is in the cold winter, we let the dog live in this place for a long time. The dog can only have a circulating cold and fever. Therefore, in order to avoid the vicious circle of this kind of thing, the owner should put the dog’s Kennel in the place where the cold wind blows, and should also take measures to keep the dog warm. Keeping warm is very simple, as long as you put a warm hot water bag in the middle of the dog’s Kennel, or let the dog sleep on the electric blanket, or let the dog sleep next to the radiator.

2. Enhance dog sports

In order to prevent a cold and fever in Maltese dogs, owners must increase the amount of exercise in their daily life, so as to effectively improve the physical fitness and resistance of dogs. So it’s better for the owner to make a regular walking habit for the dog.


3. Prepare cold medicine

Cold and fever is a common disease of all dogs, so the owner does not need to be too nervous, as long as some dog-specific cold medicine can be kept at home. If the symptoms of a cold are serious, then parents should take the Maltese to the veterinarian’s office in time.
In a word, the symptoms of a cold and fever appear in the Maltese dog. The owner does not need to worry too much, but it must be treated in time. Otherwise, it may develop into pneumonia or upper respiratory tract bronchitis. The treatment cycle will become longer, and the dog will be more painful.