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What should we do if does Corgi scratch bleed?

We all know that in some cases, some parts of the body itch, it is really itching unbearable, if we can sharpen the fingernail to scratch it, we will let it never itch again. Corgi will also have a similar experience. It scratched himself and bled, and the wound was quite large. If pet owners do not know how to deal with it, they can take a look at the following contents and methods:


1. Clear the bloodstain first, and then clean the wound

When the pet owner sees that Corgi scratched himself and the wound is bleeding, the pet owner should first remove the bloodstain from the wound with pure cotton cloth or cotton ball, and then clean the injured part with saltwater. After washing, the owner gently scrubbed the skin on the wound with a medical cotton swab and some hydrogen peroxide or ichthyolite. The purpose was to prevent the wound from festering due to infection.

2. Powder the wound and tie it up

After the pet owners do a good job in cleaning and disinfection of Corgi’s wound, they must sprinkle some powder on Corgi’s wound, and cover the wound thoroughly as the standard. Then, the pet owner must also use gauze, tape, to help tie up Corgi’s wound. After treating the wound, the owner will also wear an Elizabethan ring for Corgi. As Corgi has the characteristics of a dog, it is inevitable to bite the sandbag and lick the wound (licking and sucking the wound is very easy to be infected).


3. Moderate adjustment of dietary structure and vitamin supplement

If the pet owner wants to get rid of Corgi’s wound as soon as possible, he should also stop feeding the dog food with single nutrient composition and add the vitamin to Corgi. During Corgi’s convalescence period, pet owners can adjust their dietary structure by adding some carrots, Chinese cabbage, salmon, and big bone soup to Corgi’s diet. If pet owners feel that they have insufficient time to make their own nutritious diet, they can also properly feed some canned dogs and nutrition cream to supplement Corgi with vitamins.