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What should we do about the pomeranian diarrhea?

Pomeranian is one of the most popular breeds on the market today. It has a unique, beautiful appearance, I believe that everyone can not help but want to see breeding. According to many dog owners who have Pomeranian dogs, Pomeranian dogs are the most painful when they have diarrhea. Their parents are very distressed by the appearance of Pomeranian dogs. They are too anxious to know what to do, parents are often confused about the causes of Pomerania, not knowing what causes it. Did you eat something or get sick? Let’s take a look at it together.



What causes the pomeranian has diarrhea

1. If we’re gonna cure a Pomeranian’s diarrhea, we need to find out what’s causing it. Gastrointestinal diarrhea is very common, Pomeranian intestines and stomach is very delicate, if the owner did not pay attention to feeding, it is likely to lead to the gastrointestinal digestive system, which leads to diarrhea.

2. Bomei cold can also cause diarrhea, especially in the season, the temperature difference is too large, Bomei suddenly can not adapt, the most susceptible to a cold. Generally speaking, as long as Pomeranian spirit, appetite, and peacetime no different, then the owner can consider the sudden change in the weather, a cold caused by diarrhea, to properly keep Pomeranian warm and adjust the dog’s digestion.

3. Poor food hygiene can also cause diarrhea in Pomeranians, which is one of the more common causes. The main source is that the owner may have given pomeranian expired, spoiled, and unsanitary food. In terms of food hygiene, the owner must check carefully.

4. A sudden change of food can also trigger Pomerania, and when Pomeranian gets used to one type of dog food, the owner switches to a different brand of dog food, which can also trigger diarrhea. In this situation, the master need not worry, as long as the wait for Pomeranian after the habit.


What we should do about the Pomeranian’s diarrhea?

1. The most common solution is to starve Pomeranian for a day, which is great for Pomeranian who has had a lot of loose stools but is careful not to cut off water.

2. If the diarrhea is caused by gastrointestinal problems, the owner should pay more attention to stop feeding some indigestible food, try to feed some soft, digestible food. The medicine can be given to two lactase tablets, two or three times a day so that it will work for a day.

3. Pomeranian doesn’t have an obvious eating disorder, but he does have diarrhea, and it’s time for the host to look at the color and condition of the stool: whether it’s dark brown blood or contains blood, if any of these conditions are present, it’s not just a digestive problem that needs to be treated at a hospital.

4. Feed the main resolutely to prevent the provision of expired, spoiled, rotten food to the Pomeranian. Pure water can not be broken, do not because of the Pomeranian diarrhea, the master does not give Pomeranian water to drink, this is a very wrong idea.

Lovely Pomeranian is the precious of the owner, so in the breeding process, we only need a little attention, may give it to avoid some of the pain.