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What should we do about the Golden Retriever’s diarrhea ?

Golden retriever diarrhea is a common disease of Golden Retriever. Here we introduce: why Golden Retriever easy diarrhea? And what about the golden retriever diarrhea?


1. Food causes Golden Retriever’s diarrhea

Golden retriever gastrointestinal relatively fragile, so feeding food must be careful. In general, the best staple food for dogs is dog food, especially golden retrievers. Because the dog food inside the formula is the most scientific, full of nutrition, rarely eat the case of the disease. Golden retrievers develop diarrhea if the following conditions occur: First, the Golden Retriever eats human food. If the human food is too salty, too oily, or has stimulation food like Green Onion, garlic, chili, and so on, can let golden hair loose bowels. The second is food poisoning. Eating inedible food or drinking unclean water can also cause diarrhea in dogs. Third, if the golden retriever eats too much animal liver, chocolate or grapes, chicken bones, and so on, there will be problems. The fourth condition is that goldilocks eats too much. Sometimes golden retrievers eat too much, indigestion will also produce diarrhea vomiting situation. At this time should be appropriate to reduce the number of times to feed the golden retriever and the amount of feeding, while trying to soak the dog food rotten, in general, a few days after the golden retriever will slowly recover.

2. The Golden Retriever has diarrhea when it has a cold shower

Sometimes the golden retriever takes a bath on the first day and has diarrhea the next day. At this time we should pay attention to observe, if the mental appetite is very normal, generally not a big problem, there may be cold diarrhea. If the owners do not trust to let the dog eat some anti-inflammatory drugs, generally one to two days can be cured, but after two days if not, you must pay attention to the doctor.


3. Golden Retriever’s diarrhea due to disease

If goldilocks has a cold or catches a cold, it can cause diarrhea. Especially when it gets cold, so we need to keep the room warm for Golden Retriever. The second is that the golden retriever is infected with parvovirus. If it is a small virus with golden Retriever, then there will be diarrhea symptoms: Early Diarrhea, and accompanied by vomiting. Inappetence and spirit, metaphase appears vomiting gastric mucous membrane, defecate becomes water strong. Later the vomit is more sticky, the excrement is fetid, and appears the incontinent situation which does not time defecate. The third kind is golden wool enteritis attack, this will also be accompanied by fever, diarrhea, serious cases of blood. The fourth is the most dangerous dog disease, Florida. If goldilocks has canine distemper, she’ll have a fever, diarrhea, and severe depression. And early repeated occurrence of diarrhea, fever. It should also be noted that the golden retriever’s life is at risk when the condition deteriorates during the second cycle. So if the dog distemper caused diarrhea, we must pay attention!

4. Treatment of diarrhea due to Golden Retriever’s diarrhea

Although there are many factors, the general food, cold, cold, mild enteritis caused by more, so do not be too nervous. You can give your golden retriever penicillin or gentamicin. However, if Golden Retriever still has diarrhea and diarrhea after taking the drug, dog owners should not delay, golden retriever should be sent to the pet hospital as soon as possible, so as not to delay the condition of a golden retriever. Click here for more information about golden retriever habitat.