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What should we do about poodle shedding?

The poodle is a kind of long hair dog, so in the process of daily feeding, it is inevitable to lose hair. Although dog hair loss is more common, also need pet owners can timely improve, otherwise, small problems will become big problems. If the owner wants to solve the problem of poodle hair loss quickly and efficiently, he must first find out what are the main factors leading to the dog’s hair loss, so as to deal with it in a targeted way and avoid detours. So, what on earth will the poodle lose their hair? Let’s have a look at it.

1. Lack of vitamins and minerals:

Because the dog body lacks some vitamins and minerals: in view of this situation, it is recommended to buy some seaweed powder or hair beauty powder to feed the dog, and the hair loss will be improved soon.

2. The owner uses personal bath products to bathe the dog

This is a little wrong. As an excrement shoveling officer, dogs can’t use human soap and shampoo to bathe, which is a bit unreasonable. Dogs belong to neutral skin, and the bath products for human use are generally alkaline, which can cause irritation to the dog’s skin, causing dryness and itching, and even breeding mites, bacteria, and fungi, which eventually lead to skin diseases and large area hair loss.

3. Frequent bathing times:

Too frequent bathing can also damage the skin’s oil protective layer. Therefore, we should not only use targeted products to bathe dogs but also control the frequency of bathing.

4. Alternation of seasons

In order to adapt to the climate of summer and winter, most dogs shed their old hair and grow new hair in spring and autumn every year. At this point, just comb the dog’s hair at regular intervals every day, and comb down the fallen hair in time to clean up, and keep the house clean and tidy.

5. Feeding problems:

Improper daily feeding, especially for dogs to eat human food, will also lead to a large number of dog hair loss. Because the salt content of human food is very high, it is not suitable for VIP dogs to eat at all. Occasionally, it will do harm to the poodle’s hair. Pet owners must pay attention to it.

6. Disease causes:

The last one is the most serious, which is caused by diseases, such as folliculitis, eczema, and other skin diseases, or the breeding of parasites such as fleas, which can lead to a lot of hair loss. And these diseases are usually accompanied by severe itching, and dogs can’t help scratching the affected area, and the dog’s hair is lost in large quantities. The best way to deal with this situation is to find out the root cause and send it to a doctor or an experienced professional.
In addition to the above 6 points, if the poodle lives in a dark place for a long time, it will not get the sun, and it is easy to lose its hair. Therefore, when the weather is fine, the owner should take the poodle out to bask in the sun.