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What should we do about Maltese’s runny nose?

For the Maltese dog’s runny nose, the owners should know what happens to the dog. When the dog has a runny nose, the owner should not use the medicine in a hurry, but should first distinguish the reason for the runny nose.

1. Mild cold:

First of all, one of the reasons why Maltese dogs have runny nose is that they catch a cold. Just like us, a slight cold will cause a runny nose reaction. But in fact, the body is sure that there are no diseases. Therefore, if the Maltese only have a slight cold and run nose, there is no need for medication. Therefore, if the Maltese dog only has a slight cold, it does not need medication If your nose is cold and runny, you don’t need medication. Maybe it will be better the next day.


2. Cold and cough:

Another possibility is that the Maltese dog has a cold. Due to the runny nose caused by the cold, there are also coughing, sneezing, and no mental symptoms. In this case, the owner needs to help the Maltese dogs keep warm in time, and then feed them some special cold medicine for dogs. In addition, the owner can feed the Maltese some honey water every day, this method is very effective. Generally speaking, if the dog has been drinking honey water, a week’s cold can be cured.


3. Seek professional help:

In addition, for the cold, parents also need to pay attention to, if their own Maltese dog itself belongs to the kind of relatively poor resistance, it is best to take them to the hospital for an examination, and then see how the doctor said, if the situation is more serious, can not through their own recovery, it is likely to need an intravenous drip.
Generally speaking, Maltese snivel is not a serious disease. As long as the owners pay attention to keep warm and take good care of them, they can recover by their own resistance in a week.