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What should we do about Maltese’s cough?

Maltese pure white a long hair, big eyes, the whole body exudes noble breath, the appearance is very beautiful. Owners can make a variety of shapes for their dogs, and marquis is a mild and small dog, which is very suitable for family breeding. Maltese dogs do not like to bark, rarely bark, Maltese personality is very good, very docile, not revenge, very gentle to children. ┬áMaltese dogs, like people, can also get sick, but when Maltese dogs get sick, they can’t tell people, so it will delay the disease. Therefore, pet owners must not be careless about the signals sent by the dog’s body, such as dogs suddenly start coughing. So what are the causes of a dog’s cough? How do we deal with it?


1. Obstruction

When something suddenly gets stuck in the dog’s throat, the dog will subconsciously use the way of coughing to expel the foreign body. Therefore, the pet owner does not need to worry too much. He just needs to observe quietly. However, when the dog is unable to discharge the foreign body through the cough, the pet owner should pay attention to it and take the dog to seek professional help immediately.

2. Pharyngitis

When the dog got laryngitis, it will be easy to treat the dog with laryngitis. If the dog has a sore throat for a long time, it will be easy to treat the dog with laryngitis.


3. Acute bronchitis

Acute bronchitis will also make the Maltese dog often cough, if not cured in time, it is likely to develop into chronic bronchitis, then the treatment will be very troublesome.

4. Respiratory tract infection

If the dog’s respiratory tract is infected, it can also make the dog cough. If the dog’s respiratory tract is infected only because of the external environment, it can help the dog change the environment. However, serious respiratory tract infections can cause the dog’s pneumonia. If the pet owner can’t judge by himself, he should seek professional help in time.

Maltese cough, retching, and even vomiting are the basic symptoms of a cold. In some cases, the Maltese dogs cough and retch, but their mental appetite is not affected, that is, because of a cold, they can usually rely on their own body resistance to recover within three to five days. But if the dog’s cold situation is serious, then the owner can give the Maltese dog some dog-specific cold medicine to help them recover. Of course, the dog cough and retch is also likely due to a more serious disease, such as dog nest cough. Dog’s nest cough is a kind of infectious respiratory disease, which is usually caused by bacteria or virus infection. It will also bring great harm to dogs. However, if the Marquis dog is suffering from dog nest cough, then in the cough, retching, at the same time, there will be vomiting, listlessness, no appetite, and temperature rise, fever. In this regard, the host should take them to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.