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What should we do about Corgi’s partial eclipse?

Dog food is the most important nutrient source for a dog. If the dog is picky and does not eat dog food, it will seriously harm the growth and development of the dog. If you have a Corgi dog in your family, what should he do if he doesn’t eat dog food? First, understand why it doesn’t eat dog food, and then find a relative solution.


The reason for Corgi’s partiality

1. Snacks

When the owner saw that Corgi didn’t want to eat and was afraid that he was hungry, he could only use his “secret weapon” and put his favorite snacks in front of him. Slowly, he would feel that if he didn’t eat dog food, there would be snacks, so he would not eat dog food.

2. Not enough exercise

Corgi, who hasn’t been exercising for a long time, has a lot of kinetic energy left in his body. He may not have a great interest in dog food. He always likes to eat some delicious snacks that are easy to go down the hole.

3. Physical discomfort

Getting sick will make Corgi’s spiritual essence more and more depressed, and his appetite is poor. Many owners feel heartache when they see Corgi who doesn’t want to eat food when he is ill. He can only give him snacks. Once the long-term feeding snacks, it is likely to cultivate the habit of partial food.

4. It’s very likely that I’m tired of it

If Corgi eats single dog food for a long time, sometimes he will be tired of eating. This is likely related to Corgi’s original lifestyle or the secret recipe of dog food.


The solution of Corgi partial food


1. Let Corgi do more exercise

Corgi used to be a cattle herding dog, but he was still more cheerful. The pet owner should take him out for a walk. Every time, he should make sure that he has enough time to keep fit, help him spend his physical quality, and promote the digestion and absorption of food materials. In this way, Corgi’s appetite will be stimulated and his appetite will become better, so he will want to eat dog food.

2. The owner should not feed Corgi snacks frequently

Corgi looks very cute. In order to make him happy, the owner will reward him with some snacks from time to time, which makes him pickier. Of course, he does not want to eat dog food with a light taste. If the owner usually feeds a lot of snacks and is full of snacks, he is even more reluctant to eat dog food. Therefore, if you want to correct your dog’s picky food, you can’t often give your dog snacks.

3. Regular and quantitative feeding

If the pet owner does not feed Corgi regularly, the whole day’s dog food is put in the dog basin, the dog is not easy to control his appetite, and will eat too much, the next meal will have no appetite, and so the dog is too hungry and full, will harm the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, resulting in poor appetite, so the pet key attention to Corgi feeding must regularly carry out the quantitative analysis. If the dog eats too much, causes indigestion, the owner can feed some probiotics powder to the dog, can enhance the intestinal probiotics, improve the digestion and absorption capacity.

4. Only 80% full at a time

It’s not harmful to keep the dog hungry, and it can also make the dog have a sense of expectation for the dog food. Therefore, the pet owner doesn’t have to feed too much when eating dog food. It’s OK to feed eight full.

5. Replace dog food in time

If the dog long-term eat a portion of single dog food, suddenly more and more do not eat, after eliminating the cause of the disease, it is likely to be tired of eating, the owner’s family had better be to replace Corgi dog food on time, the composition of different dog food is not the same, timely change of food is conducive to make the dog nutrition more adequate.