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What should we do about Corgi’s cough?

When the pet owner at home to feed some of the Corgis, there will be cough, runny nose, snorting, some pet owners with little experience in feeding work will usually be helpless. It’s wrong to think that the owner can’t give it chicken or other meat when it coughs. When Corgi coughs, the host can give it chicken or other meat appropriately. In addition, the host should think of a way to deal with the problem.


1. Keep your dog warm and warm immediately

Generally, when the average temperature changes from cold to hot, if the owner does not wipe or dry Corgi’s hair immediately after he is exposed to rain or bath, it is very easy for him to catch a cold and have a fever. If only a simple fever, cold will appear some runny nose, snorting, poor mental outlook, appetite is not very good. Pet owners in the discovery of Corgi fever and cold, the first thing to carry out insulation solution to the dog, can put more cotton cloth or put a stove in its sleeping place. It is not necessary for the dog to sleep on the natural ventilation balcony, or lie down on the cold wood floor to sleep, or it will aggravate the situation of fever and cold, so it is very important to pay attention to cold prevention and keeping warm.

2. Take relevant nutrition and health products

If the pet owner has already done a good job of keeping Corgi warm and cold, and the coughing condition is still not good, then the pet owner can give Corgi some gastrointestinal medicine, and then let him have a good rest. In addition, feeders should pay attention to Corgi to have a good rest at home. Don’t take the dog out for activities until the cough is not good. The owner doesn’t have to bathe Corgi. In this way, after 3-5 days, more than 7-10 days, Corgi will be better.


3. Pay attention to vitamin supplement

During this period of Corgi convalescence, pet owners should also appropriately fill it with more nutrients. The owner can feed Corgi some easy-to-digest food, such as spareribs porridge, and carrot. The meat can be properly fed, such as chicken breast, beef, and mutton, salmon. The dog’s nutrition is closely followed, and his body will be more robust. Of course, it is not easy to cough very easily.