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What should I not feed my Chihuahua puppy?

Once Chihuahua is old enough to eat solid food, you may want to consider home-cooked dishes. Manufactured dog food contains additives, food coloring, and, worst of all, stuffing. Fillings are “empty” ingredients and have no nutritional value at all. They do make the dog feel full, but the body doesn’t absorb any stuffing (because they don’t really contain anything the body needs), and they’re expelled from the body again.

Chihuahua will eat better, and they will have a better appetite for home-cooked dishes because these ingredients will be the real food ingredients that are attractive and ready to be delicious. Most of the ingredients of a good recipe are foods you already have in your home, and you can save a lot of money. You can make larger portions of frozen food so you don’t have to cook every day.

1. Daily food intake of Chihuahua

A healthy Chihuahua should consume 40 to 55 calories per pound. Dogs often don’t eat much at a time. Dividing meals and snacks throughout the day is the best way to feed. In this way, the body can continue to refuel. Serving a spoonful of white cheese, peanut butter, and plain white vanilla yogurt several times a day is a good way to supplement your diet.

2. Chihuahua has health problems

When we hear that an adult Chihuahua doesn’t eat, the first thing we think about his health. This can be quite extensive, because anorexia may be due to a problem that one does not automatically think will affect food intake. Any injury or disorder of the body can cause weakness, dizziness and loss of appetite, so we strongly recommend that owners have their dog examined by a veterinarian instead of trying to get the dog to eat when he or she is away from food.

3. What should I do if Chihuahua is not full?

Once the dog has been ruled out of all possible medical problems, there are things you can do to encourage Chihuahua to eat. Remember, this little breed doesn’t need a lot of food. In maintenance mode, adults only need 35 to 45 calories per pound.
(1) Gradually transformed into a new kind of food
If a shopkeeper recently switched from one processed food to another, this is usually the cause, and switching back is a quick cure. However, speaking of this, owners often have reasonable reasons to change their Chihuahua eating habits They may have decided to choose a healthier option Or it’s time to switch from adult to premium, etc.
In this case, when Chihuahua doesn’t eat, a slow, gradual transition is necessary. Start by mixing four-thirds of the old food with a quarter of the new food, and then after a week, the mixture will be half. In a week, you’ll only see a quarter of the old and three-quarters of the new. It will eventually bring you a completely new way of feeding.
(2) Hormonal changes can affect appetite
Hot females may sometimes eat less. This may be due to a combination of cramps and mood swings. Women usually eat more during pregnancy and after childbirth, but some women eat less. However, if pregnant sows do not eat or eat less, we recommend that the veterinarian check.
If you suspect that hormonal changes during the heat cycle are responsible, be sure to record them. Eat less in a few weeks, twice a year, and there is usually nothing to worry about, as long as the dog’s appetite returns after the season.

(3) Looking for changes at home
Changes in the dog’s environment may cause enough damage to cause Chihuahua to stop eating. Adult Chihuahua, especially old Chihuahua, is very sensitive to change. More traffic than normal
People began to sit very close to the dog food area. Changes at home, such as a family member who usually doesn’t come home when you eat at home, but now he’s at home watching TV, etc.
(4) Keep the food fresh
Stale food is not attractive to Chihuahua. If – in order not to waste food – food not eaten is left behind or put back to the next meal, this may cause the dog to stop eating normally.
Put the smaller part down so there are no leftovers. Clean the bowl after dinner. Close the bag tightly, make sure it’s refrigerated, and then heat any home-cooked dishes.
(5) There is the right bowl
Some Chihuahuas are quite picky about the dishes they serve. Simply replace a bowl on the floor with a raised bowl, and vice versa, and encourage eating. In addition, size matters when we choose the best bowl for Chihuahua; if the bowl is too deep or too slippery, the dog may eat less.