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What should I expect from a Great Dane puppy?

Contrary to what you can see, the Great Dane may not behave as you expect, and often wins the nickname “gentle giant” for our breed! However, I should be careful when I say this because if the big Dane is not used to keeping calm, especially around children, it can be very dangerous. Sadly, the injuries to children associated with Danes are purely accidental. So pay attention to this warning, because you grow your big Dane, which is very important.


The influence of the owner on the Great Dane

In fact, the behavior of the Great Danes is largely influenced by the owners. With this in mind, we have to start at a very young age to mark our future giants as members of our family. I always tell people not to do anything to a Danish puppy, you won’t do anything to a 150-pound dog! This simple sentence is priceless for every Danish guardian, please keep it in mind!

The Great Dane has a keen sense

The Great Danes have a keen sense of our emotions and behaviors. Unconsciously, we just adjust our dogs to a certain extent by following our daily habits. In a strange, almost magical way, many canines imitate their owners in some way. From the impression of human guidance and training, the Great Danes are known for their calm and regal demeanor, and on the whole, they perform better than many other breeds. This feature makes many Danes a child-friendly dog, forming a strong bond with children. It may be difficult for some people who don’t understand the Great Dane to understand that such a majestic giant dog is actually very sensitive, gentle, reserved, and sometimes even timid. People are always surprised that Great Danes and little pets can coexist happily in one home and one family. It’s not surprising that our breed won the nickname “gentle giant”, but why are the great Danish characters so against the intimidating look of this breed? Let’s not forget that just a few hundred years ago, the behavior of the Dadan people was fierce and aggressive. It is commendable that the dedicated old breeders hope to get a big dog that is friendly to the people. Over the centuries, they have bred modern Danes by choosing stable breeding animals.


The temperament of the Great Dane

To be honest, although the Great Dane is known for its calm, easygoing manner, generally speaking, it is a lie to put the Great Dane under the brand of weak or weak will. The Great Dane’s character, combined with the magnificent size and stature, makes a very terrible family gatekeeper. When living in a family environment, the Great Dane will learn what is normal. If something is threatening, strange, or unusual, they will become alert, focused, and protected. It is said that the Great Dane has the ability to fiercely protect his relatives. As a strong and fierce defender, if it reaches this point, it will give its life in the battle.