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What owning a Great Dane says about you?

The Great Dane grows rapidly

When Great Danes were puppies, they were so cute, but they didn’t stay small for a long time. In fact, you can see the weekly growth rate as they start to grow rapidly. Soon, the cute, furry little dog turned into a lanky teenager. Their legs got very long, and they went through a very awkward stage. You’ll be surprised how quickly your Great Dane puppy changes.


The appearance of the Great Dane is frightening

The Great Danes are big dogs. Their appearance is really frightening. The real truth is that most of these dogs are friendly and would rather play than fight. In some rare cases, you may find a despicable person, but with proper training, love, and nurture of the breed, most members are not active. You have nothing to be afraid of unless they beat you to death.

Great Danes like to take you out with their tails

All Great Danes have one thing in common: their long, strong tails. Whenever they are excited or happy, their tails will swing wildly. If it happens to be associated with you, be prepared for abrasions. However, try not to be too angry with your dog. If he is happy to meet you, he can’t help it. Wagging your tail seems to be an involuntary reaction, and you have to learn to endure it. However, you should plan to become good at avoiding it.

The Great Danes are very tolerant

This is one of the characteristics that make them such a perfect family pet. The Great Danes don’t mind their children making a fuss about them. Some even allow owners to dress them up as their favorite Halloween characters. They are even thought to play trick or treat with their children. But make sure they don’t eat any candy Sugar is bad for them. Chocolate can be fatal.

The Great Dane is still learning how to control its legs

You’ll notice that when your big Dane reaches 4 to 5 months old, it becomes very clumsy. It’s because he’s growing in size and weight. He hasn’t learned how to master his new size because it’s too fast. You may think it’s funny, but he’s really hard to control. Most dogs go through this stage, but unlike other dogs, big Danes have much longer legs than ordinary dogs, so this is one of the factors that make it difficult for them to walk gracefully. but don’t worry. It’s just a stage, and as they grow into their legs and become more symmetrical, they pass.

The Great Dane will want to be with you

The desire for human companionship is a characteristic of this breed. They like to spend time with their owners, and if you don’t take the initiative to contact them, they’ll come to you. He may choose to hug or play when it is most inconvenient, but it is important to remember that he loves you and just wants to be close to you. Remember, these dogs are huge, so a little too much emotion can get you into the emergency room.


Great Danes have some serious problems with smell

It’s not clear whether their huge size will cause them to stink when exposed to the wind, but it’s known that the Great Danes clean their rooms. They’re just doing things that happen naturally, but it doesn’t seem to happen to you or your family. Prepare for these unfortunate events, perhaps, with a bottle or can of air freshener. It can be embarrassing when there are guests coming to dinner. You can try changing his diet to a different formula, but it may not be different.