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What May Cause the Siberian Husky to Shed?

A lot of people now like to keep a Husky, and though it has a lot of problems, it still doesn’t affect his popularity. We had a lot of trouble with Husky, and he had a lot of hair loss, especially during the shedding season, which really made a lot of owners feel like their heads were going to explode. In fact, in normal times, it is also the phenomenon of hair loss. But we really do not have to worry too much, as long as we go to find the real cause, and find a certain way to treat it, it can also relatively reduce their hair loss.

1. Physiology:

There are many reasons for hair loss, the most inevitable is physiological coat hair loss. It’s not just him. It’s a stage that every dog must go through. Normally, after three months or so, Husky would have her first and greatest hair loss. It’s like changing a human tooth, and it’s changing tire hair. Replacing the softer hair with the harder one is a sign of growth. If it’s summer, the situation is so serious that we sometimes grab a handful of them even as we pet them. In this case, there is no treatment, parents should not worry too much.

2. Illness:

If you find that Husky has a particularly bad case of partial hair loss, be sure to look for spots or pustules in the area where the hair is coming off. This can be caused by being too dirty or being infested by parasites, so we must take him to the doctor to get rid of the parasites or inject him with some medicine. Within a week or so, the situation will gradually improve.

3. Human causes:

There are a number of reasons for our artificial, many people like to eat leftovers when it is not finished to eat. Husky’s stomach is very fragile, which could give him gastrointestinal problems. On the other hand, our food is very different from its food. The most important difference is that our human diet is generally high in salt. If Husky ate salt, he would lose a lot of hair, which could lead to tears. In our daily feeding, it is best to give Husky dog food as the main food, to reduce unnecessary trouble.

4. Simple nutrition:

But sometimes if you eat too much dog food, it can cause hair loss. Why do you say that? Because this dog food sometimes contains more simple nutrients, it will be missing a certain element in the body, it will also cause the phenomenon of hair loss. We can give it to eat a brand of dog food for a period of time, and then change, not only can promote its nutritional balance but also improve its life!

5. Lack of sunlight:

Sunshine time is not much, most Siberian Husky dog owners are now some office workers, even when walking the dog, many people also choose the evening. At night, there is no sun, so it is less exposed to direct sunlight. We need to take it out to the street for at least two or three days a week. Not only does it help with coat hair loss, but it’s also very effective in killing bacteria. If you really do not have time, you can put his kennel on the balcony, so that it can often receive the sunlight.