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What May Cause the Samoyed to Shed?

Samoyed is loved for her fluffy white coat hair and angelic smile. Because Samoyed has a lot of coat hair, coat hair loss is also inevitable, this is a normal phenomenon. Samoyed also shed its coat hair as it grew from a puppy to an adult Samoyed. If we let the Samoyed eat human leftovers, all of which contributed to Samoyed’s salt overload. Samoyed’s need for salt was different, and the result was the coat hair loss. Samoyed’s shedding is a common occurrence among parents, and it’s normal for some dogs to lose their hair. Of course, we have to overcome the impact of dog shedding on our lives, but for Samoyed, it’s not a problem, well, that should be the least of your worries. In fact, there are many causes of dog coat hair loss, let’s take a look at it together.


Reason one: disease

SAMOYED also sheds a lot of hair if he has a skin condition like folliculitis or Eczema, or if he’s infested with dog lice and fleas. In this case, samoyed would scratch the fur with his paws and teeth, as well as shed a lot of dog hair.

Reason two: metabolism

Samoyed shedding is actually a normal behavior, after all, people lose body hair, but it can be caused by many reasons, we can usually give the dog more brush, in addition, the dog’s metabolism is very fast at the end of the season, then we can prepare a sticky hair of the tool or post, so that in the time of grooming and cleaning do not let the hair fly around, directly to the post on the more convenient.

Reason 3: Coat hair loss during estrus

In fact, Samoyed will appear during Estrus Phenomenon, Oh, the dog in estrus because of hormonal changes, so hair loss is relatively normal oh. In the rutting period of the dog, the owner should pay attention to nutrition, as well as pay attention to hygiene and keep a close watch on their dog, in order to avoid getting lost.


Reason  4: Eating too much salt

Samoyed can’t eat too much salt, and hair loss is one of the problems with eating too much salt. In addition, too much salt can add to a dog’s internal load, which is why owners should choose a specially formulated dog food instead of sharing human food with their pets. Dog Food contains a variety of nutrients, and a professional proportion of the configuration, so choose good quality and suitable dog food will definitely help improve the health of dogs.

Reason  5: Not Getting Enough Nutrition

Samoyed needs the right amount of sugar, protein, fat, 20 minerals, and 13 vitamins every day, but many owners feed their dogs’ human food or leftovers, which can lead to picky eating, thus malnutrition and malnutrition, which causes coat hair loss.