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What May Cause the Pomeranians to Shed?

As an ornamental dog, Pomeranian is constantly comfortable and soft in its coat. It is always alert to the outside world. It is naturally curious about the outside world, so he can not be too hasty in his domestication, the Pomeranian’s hair is a double coat of oil, undercoat, and the usual care requires a lot of care from the owner, but the choice of tools is also crucial when grooming your dog, can often lead to more results with less effort.

If your Pomeranian is in a molting phase, the owner must not panic, because it will grow new hair after molting, the owner does not have to worry that it will not grow back, after normal hair loss, it is very easy for it to produce new hair again. If it loses hair due to poor nutrition and other reasons, the owner must take some measures to make it grow thick hair again, here’s a look at what causes Pomeranians to shed hair abnormally, and what you can do to help your Pomeranian.


1. Seasonal shedding

Under normal circumstances, in this case, the owners do not have to worry, Pomeranian will lose some hair every day, this is a very normal physiological phenomenon, in Pomeranian hair loss, with a comb to comb its hair, is a very good choice, keeping his blood circulating is good for his hair growth. If he loses hair for seasonal reasons, the owner can use a special pet comb as much as possible while grooming his dog, and we should pay attention to the direction should be from the top-down, fallen dead hair combed clean, you can make those new hair grow out more easily.

2. Coat hair lacks nutrients

There are not enough nutrients in the hair, and if the POMERANIAN is losing hair because it’s not getting enough nutrients, then we have to comb through the dead hair to make it grow back, then it must be given regular nutrition, such as eating more egg yolk, of course, we can add some beauty powder on this basis, Pomeranian hair still must remember not to forget to comb hair, grooming does not conflict with hair loss, and frequent grooming can help.


3. Skin disease

Pomeranian is a very hairy dog. He needs to be groomed every day. We try to get some of his hair done every day, so Pomeranian will look nice after being groomed, if the Pomeranian has a concentrated area of hair loss, and you can see a significant bald spot after grooming, it’s likely that the problem is caused by skin lesions, and we’re not only grooming the Pomeranian, also need to spray to deal with the problem, the main pay more attention to the Pomeranian dog’s skin health, regular insect repellent, but also to do a good job indoor cleaning.

Pomeranian is now almost the most popular breed in the world, and the Pomeranian is popular with many people. We are in the process of raising it, although there will be some small problems, this does not prevent people from being loved, we found problems in the Pomeranian pet, we need to solve the problem, never lose your temper with your dog.