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What May Cause the Golden Retriever to Shed

Golden retriever hair loss is very common things, but hair loss is very severe, it must be for a reason, in addition to normal hair loss, the following reasons can cause golden retriever hair loss.


1. Parasites

If the golden retriever has a lot of fleas and other parasites on his body, the golden retriever will scratch with his paws because of itching. If the golden retriever uses excessive force, the golden retriever will also lose a lot of hair, it can even cause skin problems, which are exacerbated by the loss of golden hairs.
The Solution: we need to feed Golden Retriever regularly to remove fleas and other parasites, if confirmed as a skin disease, we need to take the golden retriever to the hospital.

2. It’s unscientific to bathe a golden retriever

If you give Golden Retriever a bath in the usual way, if you don’t do it properly, you will lose a lot of hair. For example, if you take a lot of baths, you should give Golden Retriever a bath if the blonde is dirty. This will easily damage the natural protective layer of the blonde hair, it can also cause hair loss, even by bathing Golden Retriever with a human body wash. Dog Skin is acidic and alkaline in the opposite way to our own, which can lead to skin disease in dogs and a lot of hair loss in golden retrievers.
Solution: We don’t need to bathe Golden Retriever too often, just two or three times a month, and while bathing Golden Retriever, we recommend using a dog only body wash and washing it thoroughly, after washing still must blow-dry hair in time just go.


3. Short duration of Sunshine

If the dog long-term stays at home, the sun time is very short, golden hair can not get enough sunlight, will also cause hair dull, coarse hair loss, sunlight is conducive to the healthy growth of golden hair.
Solution: Take your golden retriever outside to bask in the sun, exercise, and train. You can use some chicken Jerky to train and reward your dog. The Sun will also promote healthy growth of your new hair, exercise boosts your dog’s metabolism, which helps with hair loss.

4. Eating incorrectly

If the golden retriever eats only meat at ordinary times, he will lose his hair because of his body’s unsatisfied nutrition, long-term malnutrition, or because he eats leftovers, because the amount of salt and oil in the leftovers is all messed up, and golden retriever eats seriously over the limit, natural will also cause hair loss, so usually still want to pay attention to the golden absorption of nutrients, the best is to give Golden Retriever eat a little more comprehensive nutrition natural dog food.
The Solution: we can not feed the golden retriever to eat foods high in salt and containing additives (Ham, human food, etc.). It is better to feed the golden retriever to eat natural dog food with low salt nutrition. It is suggested that when choosing dog food, choose a dog food with deep-sea fish oil, golden Hair has a great benefit, recommended “not greasy natural dog food”, low salt, not fire, rich nutrition, contain deep-sea fish oil, can hair to tears, of course, or can be properly fed some vegetables and meat.