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What may cause the Chihuahua to shed?

The Chihuahuas don’t have as much hair as the Bichon Pomeranian, and although they have shorter, less coat hair, they still shed normally less coat hair, but if the dogs lose more coat hair, that will cause the attention of dog owners, we should find out the reason, and then in a timely manner to take measures, the following we will analyze it together!

1. Improper feeding

Chihuahuas shed a lot of coat hair, in large part because it depends on diet. If the owner often gives the dog human’s food, the human food contains a lot of fat, salt, and spices, which are not good for the Chihuahuas’ health, long-term consumption of Chihuahua will lead to physical abnormalities, will lead to their hair texture become dull dry hair, or even a lot of hair loss phenomenon, when this happens, the owner should adjust the dog’s diet, to give the dog to eat ecological dog food, and to add the right amount of meat for the dog, to give the dog to eat some high protein food, weak egg yolk, soy products, fish, shrimp, etc., to slowly adjust their depilation phenomenon.

2. Improper bathing practices

If in the process of raising chihuahuas, the owner uses the incorrect bath method to give the Chihuahuas a bath, it can also lead to the phenomenon of severe depilation, such as the owner using human cleaning products, or Bathing Chihuahuas too often, which can seriously damage the hair and skin tissues of Chihuahuas, causing them to shed seriously. Owners must use a special bath for dogs when bathing chihuahuas, and to control the number of baths, the normal situation when the two half-month baths can be.

3. Skin disease

If the owner does not pay attention to the Chihuahua’s physical hygiene, or if the Chihuahua is not dewormed on time, the Chihuahua is vulnerable to parasites, which can lead to skin diseases of varying severity, it makes the dog itch all over, and the dog keeps scratching its skin, thus causing the phenomenon of severe hair loss. At this time, the owner should give the Chihuahua an insect repellent in time, treat the skin disease, and help the dog get rid of the skin disease as soon as possible, the hair loss will also be reduced.


There is nothing we can do to stop a Chihuahua from losing its coat hair because of the weather, as long as we take care of it and bathe it regularly. If it’s a Chihuahua that’s losing its coat hair because of malnutrition, all we have to do is to increase the protein in our food. In addition to taking the Chihuahua to the vet for a check-up, we also clean the furniture and use a downy brush to remove the hair from the Chihuahua. When the season changes, Chihuahua’s body will produce changes, this time will appear the phenomenon of hair loss is normal, as long as the owner seriously, lets the dog drink more water can avoid this problem!