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What kind of toys does Corgi like?

Many owners of corgi dogs say that when they were naughty, they were just devils. They were not clever at all, and even their ability to break up their homes was as good as Huskies. Although the corgi dog is very cute from the outside, and from the perspective of modern people, it is a dog that makes a living by selling Cute dogs. But in fact, it is very naughty when it is small, that is to say, when you are not at home, it will make a mess of the home, and even like to tear toilet paper and other things.
Of course, if the owners don’t want the Corgi to do such a bad thing, it’s not impossible to solve the problem. The owner only needs to prepare some toys for the corgi dog to play with at home. Because with toys, the Corgi probably doesn’t have much mental power to destroy your home. So what toys can be prepared for the Corgi? Let’s have a look.


1. Small ball

Cockey dogs are particularly fond of this bouncing plastic ball. Although the four legs of the corgi dog are very short, it does not prevent him from playing with the ball.

2. Plush toys

It’s just too warm to think of a baby Corgi holding a very cute plush toy. But parents also need to pay attention to it, that is, do not buy it that kind of plush, because sometimes the corgi dog may bite this toy, in case of swallowing the wool in the stomach.


3. Dog bites glue

Generally, the parents of corgi dogs will prepare this kind of thing at home, because in the oral tooth development stage, it will bite things randomly because of the itchy root. If you give it a dog bite glue, you can solve this problem perfectly.

4. Towel and cloth

If there are old clothes that the owner doesn’t need, the owner can cut the old clothes into strips. Since the corgi dog is so fond of tearing toilet paper, cloth-like toys like this can satisfy its appetite.