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What kind of foods should we feed to different Schnauzers?

In modern life, with the increase of people’s life pressure and work pressure, many people will keep pets, and the origin of the very early dog Schnauzer because of the strange appearance, stable personality is deeply loved by people, so how much does a different Schnauzer cost? Let’s take a look together.


1. Pet Grade Schnauzer

There are a lot of schnauzers on the market now because they don’t require much in terms of pedigree or taste, and most families can accept the price and buy a good pet Schnauzer for around 1,000 yuan. If you buy it at the pet market, it may be cheaper, selling for a few hundred yuan, but to see if the dog is disabled or sick, some dogs are sick, the dog traders need to sell off the price will be very low.

2. Bloodline Schnauzer

Generally, if you want to buy pedigree grade Schnauzer, you have to go to a regular large Kennel. Generally, pedigree grade purebred dogs have pedigree certificates, and because they are bred in batches, so in all age groups will be fully vaccinated, the dog’s constitution is stronger, later also not so easy to get sick. Because of the protection of comprehensive, so the price will be relatively high, basic in 2500-5000 yuan, phase quality particularly good, the price will reach seven thousand.

3. Race Schnauzer

Race-class Schnauzer is required to have two blood certificates, both blood certificates, and electronic chips, and parents and grandparents should preferably be both race-class dogs. race-class dogs are not easy to buy, and certainly not available in the pet market. They all have to go to large kennels, the price of a place that specializes in breeding race-grade dogs is also relatively high, basically more than 10,000 yuan. There are also star race-grade dogs in the race-grade Schnauzer, which belong to those who have participated in large-scale competitions and have won major awards, the price is usually no less than thirty thousand RMB, and even one hundred thousand RMB for some of the best quality items.
If only used as a domestic companion dog, basically pet level or ordinary purebred dogs, as long as the dog is not disabled, stable temperament, can be trained to be a good companion dog.


4. Personal Schnauzer

With any luck, we’ll run into Schnauzer, a family breeder, who won’t be as expensive as a Kennel, or as chaotic as the pet market, with a lot of low-quality dogs. Most of the dogs sold by individuals are bred by their own pets, and there are basically no health problems. Moreover, the sellers are not entirely profit-oriented, so the prices are not so high. A good pet dog can be bought for a few hundred yuan, purebred dogs can also be purchased for two thousand RMB, but the fact that an individual dog is sold does not prove the origin of the dog, so the insurance is not enough. And now a lot of dog traders look at a lot of consumer psychology, will pretend to be personal for sale, so friends still want to identify clearly, do not easily deceived.

In order to buy a Schnauzer, we need to understand the local dog market price on the one hand, but also to master the method of selecting quality dogs, select the quality of healthy dogs, later in the feeding time, it’s not that hard to raise.