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What is the temperament of Maltichon?

What is the temperament of Maltichon? Maltichon is one of the smartest, cutest and gentlest dogs. They love to play some smart and clever games, such as pulling out the toy hidden under the cabinet with their paws and pressing it back. This curious, fast-moving elf doesn’t need much outdoor exercise, but maltichon does like to run around you and walk with you in the yard. Larger animals may view maltichon as a delicacy, so maltichon must always protect itself with a belt or fence. For the fence, you should check if it has a slight gap, which is OK for larger dogs, but maltichon may wriggle in it. Maltichon is usually at peace with the world, which means they are not born masters or fighters. Some people are more confident and friendly, others are more cautious or indifferent. The general temperament of your maltichon depends in part on genes – extroverted parents tend to nurture extroverted young people.


Maltichon is friendly

The temperament of Maltichon is friendly. There is no person or animal that the maltichon don’t like. Of course, the better you interact with her, the better she will be, but she naturally likes everyone.

Maltichon is happy

Maltichon dog is a happy dog by nature, which may be the reason why she is so friendly. She never had a bad day. It’s really infectious.

The protection of maltichon

The temperament of Maltichon is protective. Although maltichon is small, if she feels that there are people or animals nearby that pose a threat to her family, she will tell them.

Maltichon needs your company

Maltichon can be a very helpful dog, so you don’t want to leave her alone for a long time, otherwise, she will become very destructive.

Maltichon may be anxious

Everyone has shortcomings, and so does maltichon. One of her faults is that she hates being alone. Well, if you know that maltichon needs a long time at work, then you probably don’t need a good match. However, you may be able to train her out of this situation, especially if you leave enough toys at home for entertainment. But even a short visit to the grocery store was enough to trigger her anxiety and make her destructive.

Children and maltichon

While maltichon loves children and enjoys being with them, it’s important to keep an eye on them when they’re around the malticans.
It’s as rough as any puppy, so it’s pretty vulnerable. You have to make sure your child is old enough to understand that although maltichon may look like a plush toy animal, she has emotions and emotions like any other creature. She deserves the same respect and proper care that children give to human babies. Buy a maltichon.


How to train your maltichon?

Generally speaking, maltichon is easy to train. Those with behavioral problems either received inconsistent training in the past, or their owners did not interact well with people or other animals. It makes sense that socializing when your maltichon is very young is the key to her healthy growth as an adult. If you’ve never seen how to make friends when you’re young, you won’t make friends as soon as you grow up.
You can avoid shyness, aggression and jealousy when you train your martican to socialize from the beginning. Do you want to know what Maltichon full grown look like? You can click here for more information about maltichon dog.