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What is the puggle temperament?

The puggle is a half breed, also because of their character. They inherited their positive curiosity and love of smell from their Beagle parents. They inherit their lovely nature from their puggle parents.

The shape of a puggle

Puggle’s little body is full of love and passion. This lovely little Oriental breed started as a watchdog in ancient Chinese temples. This breed was accepted by the American Kennel Club in 1885. A puggle has a round, thick head, a short square mouth, and deep wrinkles on its forehead. A puggle has prominent eyes, straight legs, and a tightly twisted tail on its buttocks. From the shoulder, a puggle is between 10 and 11 inches tall and weighs between 14 and 22 pounds. The puggle is affectionate, lovely, and peaceful. puggles like company and want to be everyone’s best friend, but if they don’t take part in the activities, they get depressed. puggles like to be part of the family.


Characteristics of puggles

The puggle is one of the smallest members of the pack. Although the exact origin of the Beagle is unclear, the breed seems to have been a favorite companion and rabbit hunter for centuries. Since the 1950s, the puggle has been listed as one of the top ten favorite breeds in the United States. puggles have naughty manners and unlimited energy. Unfortunately, because of its compact size and friendly temperament, the puggle has always been one of the most popular breeds in medical research.
A puggle is a short-haired Beagle with long ears. Because of their short hair, beagles don’t need special grooming. The color of the coat is a combination of Tan, black and white. This breed is not aggressive. Beagles are friendly and cute. They are wise, kind, and docile companions. This breed is the best choice for families with children. Beagles don’t like to be alone for long periods of time. They can easily become depressed and bored, leading to behavioral problems and excessive bickering. Beagles like hunting and have a strong desire to dig.


A puggle has a combative disposition

So what is a fighting temper like? puggle is a kind of cute, good-natured, naughty, lively, energetic dog. When they grow up, they run and play like dogs. They are known to be affectionate and they love hugging. They like to get a lot of attention. A puggle is a very social dog. They get along well with their children and other animals. It’s usually welcome to strangers.
puggle is a good companion for family, it is very suitable to live in an apartment or a big house. This breed is lively and energetic, so they need to exercise. Although the puggle can do most of the exercise indoors, he likes to walk or play in a fenced yard. puggle is a smart dog and it’s easy to train. (they do have a tendency to be stubborn.) They responded well to the treatment and praise as a training tool. Barking is a common complaint of puggles, especially when the dog is left alone at home or not getting the right amount of exercise.