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What is the lifespan of a French bulldog?

What is the lifespan of a French bulldog? The average life span of French Bulldogs is between 9 and 12 years old for several years. They’re cute, but unfortunately, they’re prone to all kinds of health concerns. These problems not only affect the life span of the French Bulldog but also have a profound impact on their quality of life and their future life. The average life span of French Bulldogs is between 9 and 12 years old. The American Kennel Club lists the life expectancy of French Bulldogs as a few years from 10 to 12 years old. Then, an informal survey by the British dog club also shows that the average age is 9 years old. So a typical French Bulldog should live between 9 and 12 years. According to reports, the longest surviving dog in the French dog club survey was over 14.5 years old. French Bulldogs are fairly average dogs overall, but small breeds at the low end. For example, given the low probability of genetic health, the average life expectancy of Chihuahua is 17 years. But many French Bulldogs live much shorter lives. In 2013, a survey of more than 2200 French Bulldogs in veterinary care showed that 98 died, with a median age of 3.6 years.


So why do so many French Bulldogs die young?

Many of the health problems of French Bulldogs are vulnerable. We suggest that research should be conducted before considering this. In general, there are many factors that can affect the life span of French Bulldogs. Like any breed, the French are more vulnerable to certain health problems than others. Unfortunately, in general, French Bulldogs are more likely to have health problems than most other Bulldogs. All of these issues will be discussed in detail in the following section. It’s interesting that even stress and anxiety can shorten life expectancy.

Health problems of French Bulldog

According to a recent study, the most common health problems are ear infections, diarrhea, conjunctivitis (red eyes), long nails and skinfold dermatitis. What’s more worrying is that 12.7% of the dogs in the study suffered from upper respiratory tract disease, which was caused by their short head and face structure (flat face). Generally speaking, we do not recommend the flat face breed of French Bulldog, because the possibility of respiratory problems is very high. Because of the flat face of the French Bulldog, many French Bulldogs have difficulty breathing, some also suffer from sleep apnea, snoring and so on. The most dangerous thing is that French Bulldogs can’t keep a safe temperature during exercise or in hot weather. This is because dogs rely on evaporation from the mouth and upper jaw to cool down, but flat faced dogs do not have enough surface area to do so. Too many French Bulldogs die of overheating in hot weather or sports. These are a simple result of the French cattle dog, but there are also some health problems. Finally, we can’t suggest keeping French Bulldogs as pets. Cute as they are, they are too likely to cause serious health problems.

How to help your French Bulldog live a long and happy life?

If you have a French Bulldog or are considering adopting one, here are some things to remember. First and foremost, reproductive parents should be tested regularly to see if they have avoidable health problems. Not all health problems can be detected. Even so, choosing a breeder for a health test will increase your chances of getting a healthy French Bulldog. The two most common health tests for French Bulldogs are eye test and hip test. You need to make sure the French Bulldog has a healthy diet and pay close attention to common food allergies, which can help a lot. Taking your French Bulldog to a veterinarian on a regular basis will help ensure that your pet remains healthy and that any health problems are resolved as soon as possible.
Helping your dog get enough safe exercise will also help. French Bulldogs are not super energetic, but they still like to walk a lot. You also need to maintain the routine health maintenance of French Bulldog, such as manicure and brushing teeth, which will also help to improve your dog’s health. Finally, you should be kind to your French bulldog and try to reduce its stress.