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What is the difference between Borzoi and saluki?

What is the difference between Borzoi and Saluki? Borzoi is often confused with Salukis. Let’s see it together. The body structure of Borzoi and Saluki is very similar, which is why it is easy to see how Borzoi and Saluki are mixed together, but there are huge differences in the origin and fur of Borzoi and Saluki.

Borzoi and Saluki are very similar in body. Borzoi and Saluki’s face and limbs are very long. From a distance, Borzoi and Saluki can easily be mistaken for each other. Borzoi and Saluki’s faces are particularly similar, with long mouths and gentle eyes. Borzoi and Saluki are similar in size, and they are all large varieties. Here are some key differences so you can distinguish them.


The origin of Borzoi and Saluki

Saluki originated in Iraq, while Borzoi originated in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Saluki maybe 14 cm / 5 in shorter than Borzoi. Saluki may weigh 17 kg / 37 LB less than Borzoi. Saluki may live four years longer than Borzoi. Saluki may have fewer offspring than Borzoi. Both Saluki and Borzoi need moderate maintenance. The origin of saluki seems to be traced back to ancient Egypt. The dog is famous for its excellent hunting ability. These dogs are famous in the Middle East, as well as in Iran and Egypt. It’s forbidden to breed with other dogs, so the Saluki has remained the same for thousands of years. For centuries, it has been known for its elegance, speed and endurance. He was able to do this because he was tall, smooth, muscular and had a long, narrow head. Borzoi dog was developed in Russia, also known as Russian Borzoi dog. Borzoi dog was used to catch Borzoi in Russia. By 1873, there were few Borzoi left, and the imperial society was founded to protect this elegant dog. They were often given as gifts to European nobles, and thanks to a few enthusiastic breeders, the species survived extinction and was exported to the rest of the world. It was introduced to England at the end of the 19th century. Princess Alexandra did a lot of work to increase the popularity of dogs in England.

Borzoi and Saluki’s temperament


Saluki is a beautiful, quiet, dignified, introverted and loyal dog. You can see that he is very clever. Saluki certainly has feelings for his human family, but you won’t say he’s bossy. Saluki is not the kind of dog that jumps around and wags its tail. He’s the kind of dog that likes to chase, so you need to give Saluki a big garden. That’s why he’s not fit to live in a city on a small estate. For the tall dog, the country is a better choice. When he is not outdoors, he can easily curl up on your sofa and relax for a few hours. Training and socialization are necessary for this shy Saluki, because it not only makes him obedient, but also gives him the confidence to know how to behave in different environments. He will get along well with older children, but he is quite indifferent and intolerant to them, especially those who have no discipline and can only climb over Saluki. Borzoi is such a gentle, cute dog that Saluki can’t be a good watchdog. He gets on well with other pets and children, although he’s not the kind of dog that likes to play games with children. Saluki doesn’t bark much, and he’s not an energetic dog. He’s very happy at home. This is a loyal, loyal and brave dog.

He is quiet, sensitive, intelligent and somewhat withdrawn. Even if he has these quiet features, he still needs to be trained and socialized, because it’s just round your dog to make him happy to have around. Buy a Borzoi.

Characteristics of Borzoi and Saluki


Saluki loves his human family. He is the kind of dog that doesn’t want to be owned by one family and then given to another. That’s why when you get your saruki, your intention is to keep him. He also likes to be comfortable when they are not running outside. A good bed is very important to him. Salukis is born thin, so don’t feed him. Saluki is a quiet, calm dog, but for centuries, Saluki has been a reliable, determined pet and companion. Borzoi if you are looking for a quiet, friendly, elegant breed, you will fall in love with the Russian great Borzoi, which is known for its tenderness, sweetness and elegance.


He is a friendly dog with his human family, though not very fond of children’s noisy games. However, it is his tenderness that makes him popular with many dog lovers. Although Borzoi is not one of the most active dogs, he still needs to exercise and walk because he is a big dog used to open space. He needs a chance to escape from time to time. Borzoi is a good new or experienced pet owner, if you are looking for a quiet, loyal partner, why not welcome an elegant, elegant Borzoi to your home?