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What is the difference between a toy fox terrier and a rat terrier?

What is the difference between a Toy Fox Terrier and a rat Terrier. In rat stalks, there are two sizes (miniature to 13 inches, standard over 13 inches, but no more than 18 inches). They’re all coated and hairless. We don’t have a toy or a giant rat terrier. In many varieties, such as rat Terrier, you will find similarities, but it is these differences that make one variety different from another.

Let’s review some of the obvious differences between Fox Terrier and rat terrier
Toy Fox Terrier size: by weight – 6-month-old babies weigh less than 7 pounds.
Rat Terrier: miniature to 13 inches – standard over 13 inches and up to 18 inches.
Toy Fox Terrier body: square, height close to length. The back line is strong, straight and strong.
Rat Terrier: slightly longer than the height, the ratio is 10:9. The topline is strong and slightly sloping.
Color of Toy Fox Terrier: mainly white, with acceptable white and black, with brown edge; white and black; white and brown, with black and brown specific mark.
Rat Terrier color: any skin color is acceptable, freckles expand with age, skin will turn black in the sun. Coating – white; three colors (white and black and Tan spots); two colors (black, Tan, chocolate, red, orange, lemon or any combination of blue and white); white can be any size or anywhere on the dog.
To Fox Terrier ear: when alert, it must be vertical; pointed and both sides upward; close; not touching and not too wide.
Ear of rat Terrier: V-shaped ear is located on the lateral side of skull, which can be upright, pointed or button.
Eye: the eye is obviously forward, but not protruding; the color is always dark – preferably as dark as possible.
Rat Terrier eyes: slanting eyes; round and small – slightly prominent; edge color matches nose pigmentation; color range from dark brown to amber, matching fur color.
Toy Fox Terrier appearance: a small dog with the shape, characteristics and personality of a hound.

Characteristics of rat Terrier

The breed history of the Toy Fox rat Terrier since Troy Terrier has not been around long enough to develop a detailed origin story, we need to look at the parent’s breed to learn more about why he might have been created. In most cases, hybrids appear because some individuals like specific parts of a variety and want to combine them with the preference characteristics of similar varieties. By looking at the history of Toy Fox Terrier and American rat Terrier, we can see which characteristics of each breed are most ideal, and why they may be combined to create Trident terrier. First of all, rat Terrier originated in the United States, mainly used as a farm dog, you guess, its job is to catch mice. He is also responsible for catching any other small pests, making them way on the farm property and his lovely personality makes him a good family partner as well. The rat Terrier is likely to be a hybrid of Beagle, whimper and greyhound. It is very athletic and has an amazing nose, which has doubled its hunting skills. Although it has been very popular as a farm dog for quite a long time, when more and more people begin to leave the countryside to enjoy the excitement of the city, rat Terrier is no longer so important, or no longer needed. Despite the decline in popularity, the rat Terrier has not completely disappeared from the spotlight. Buy a Toy Fox Terrier.

The characteristics of Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terrier Breed appearance tricolor Terrier will look very similar to mouse terrier and Toy Fox Terrier, this is because the parent breed has been very similar to each other in color and facial features. The biggest difference is the size. Of course, Fox Terrier is a toy variety, while rat Terrier is a small and medium-sized variety. Therefore, even in the same nest, the size of tricolor stem will be very different. His colors are in a wide spectrum, usually in partial color mode. The fur is short and smooth, clinging to the body and shedding seasonally. Because of the short coat, tricolor prefers warm climate. In order to improve its appearance, this Troy Terrier has very high and upright ears, round eyes and elegant tone.