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What is the best food for Kuvasz?

What is the best food for Kuvasz? Originally from Hungary, Kuvasz is an old breed of livestock protection. Historically, they have also been used as royal guard dogs. Today, Kuvasz is increasingly seen as a partner. They are intelligent, loyal, and patient. Sometimes they are indifferent or independent, and they also have a wait-and-see attitude towards strangers. They are not always easy to train dogs because for centuries they have been encouraged to think for themselves while guarding livestock. Socialization and training are essential for this large, protective breed.


History of Kuvasz

Historically, Kuvasz’s ancestors may have been associated with the Mazar tribe that settled in Hungary around 2000 BC. Mazar people used these early dogs as guardians of livestock. Some of the dog fossils, dating back to the 9th century, are almost identical to the modern Kuvasz. Once settled in the Carpathian Basin, these tribes adopted a more agrarian lifestyle. Other Hungarian varieties, such as komondo, are also used in dry valleys. TheKuvasz work in the higher mountains, where the pastures are humid. By the 15th century, Kuvasz was highly valued and some dogs were placed in the royal court. Little Kuvasz was given as a royal gift to senior visitors. Later, the popularity of this breed declined in the court, but it was still preserved because of its traditional role in protecting livestock.

Patience is a feature of Kuvasz

Since then, dedicated breeders have worked to restore Kuvasz in Hungary. Kuvasz’s gene pool is very limited, so there is some speculation that other breeds, such as the greater Pyrenees, may be used to help the breed continue. Most people agree that Kuvasz is not the first dog a dog owner should have. Kuvasz usually requires experienced people to provide dogs with the family and training needed for this breed.

Kuvasz is not easy to train

Kuvasz is smart, but not easy to train. They are not interested in learning skills. They need to be trained and socialized. They are protective and independent. They don’t always get along well with strange dogs or other animals. They also bark easily. This is not an apartment dog. Besides, Kuvasz does have a lot of hair, and it falls off.


Kuvasz is a guard dog

Kuvasz, on the other hand, can be a good guard dog. They are still excellent livestock keepers for sheep or big manors. You can often see a few sheep or cattle on the farm wandering on the ground to protect themselves. The Kuvasz family will also have close ties with their owners, their families, and anyone they think is part of their circle. This breed was bred to take care of his entire “flock.”. Sometimes the Kuvasz even feels the need to stop the rough play between the children, or if the children are too noisy, try to get them out. It’s up to a responsible self to limit this behavior. This breed needs clear, firm, gentle orders.
Kuvasz can be a good, gentle partner with children as long as they grow up and socialize. However, you should not think that your Kuvaszwill accepts all the children. For example, if your Kuvasz thinks that other children are a threat to Kuvasz’s children, he can take some measures to protect his family’s children. Supervision is important when other children play with your child. When you play with a puppy, you should always supervise. You have to teach your kids how to behave around Kuvasz.