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What is the best food for an Ibizan hound?

Today, ibizan Hound is a popular pet in American and European families. This elegant dog is believed to be the watchdog of the dead standing in front of King Tutankhamen’s tomb. Therefore, we should know the best food for Ibizan hounds. The origin of ibizan hound dates back to the 4th century BC. The ibizan hound has gained a coveted performing status in AKC since 1992. Although dog owners are familiar with the dietary requirements of their pets, it is still a challenge to choose the right dog food for stomach sensitive pets. It’s crucial that your ibizan hound sensitive stomach can be triggered or possibly exacerbated without a dog food that has the right amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber. One of the difficulties faced by pet owners is that they do not fully understand the ingredients or, more precisely, the actual quality of the ingredients used in many major brands of dog food.

How can I feed my ibizan hound?

Ibizan hound originated in Ibiza in the Balearic Islands. He hunted small prey and rabbits, but his history can be traced back to the Egyptian pharaohs. The red and white dog has a long, narrow head that resembles the Egyptian jackal God anubis. His big erect ears can be folded back, pointing forward or to the side. The pigmentation around his eyes and nose contributed to his unique appearance. Ibizan Hound is naughty. He likes to cuddle up with his family. They are also ideal dogs to compete in tracking, obedience, conformation, seduction and agility. Pubertal male ibizan hound often has a bad appetite. Encourage him to eat, but be careful to make picky eaters. When he’s hungry, he eats. You can feed your ibizan hound between two to three cups of high quality dry food, divided into two meals a day. The best food for Ibizan hound is an all natural cereal free formula, free of wheat, corn or soybeans, developed by veterinarians and made in the United States.

Does my ibizan hound have any special nutritional requirements?

Different varieties have special nutritional needs. The food of your ibizan hound needs 21% to 28% protein and 10% to 18% fat for optimal health. Make sure the real meat comes first on the ingredient label. However, more than 28% of the protein causes skin and stomach allergies, ranging from moderate to life-threatening. Before you choose food for ibizan hound, read the label carefully. A comprehensive, antioxidant rich mixture will provide DHA for brain development, taurine for heart health, and prebiotics for a healthy digestive tract. To keep his fur shiny and skin clean, look for omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Fruits and vegetables are essential for your ibizan hound to be able to absorb nutrients from your food. A balanced diet to meet his personal needs is the best choice. Buy a Ibizan Hound.

The best dog food for the stomach sensitive ibizan Hound

It’s important that your ibizan hound get regular veterinary care and find out which medical reasons have your pet’s sensitive stomach. When you need to see what your ibizan hound should eat. This will allow you to make a wise choice for your ibizan hound. Your ibizan hound food should be free of growth hormone, preservatives or any artificial ingredients. Your ibizan hound food should also be gluten free, wheat free and soy free, which helps to avoid your ibizan hound stomach sensitivity. These foods of ibizan hound contain a lot of fruits and vegetables, and provide fiber, vitamins and minerals. The proportion is just right for your ibizan hound. When you feed ibizan hound with food, you should pay attention to the composition of the food.