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What is the best food for a Yorkie?

Yorkies are a pint-sized dog breed that’s perfect for any family. They’re fun and active, but their small stature requires a proper diet to keep them healthy. Smaller dog breeds require less food intake than larger breeds, so it’s imperative that they eat high-quality foods that provide them with all of the nutrition they need.

Here are five of the Best Dog Foods for Yorkies:

1. Blue Buffalo Small Breed Chicken & Rice
Blue Buffalo is one of the top dog food brands available, and with good reason. As the name implies, the most prominent ingredients are chicken and rice.
The chicken comes entirely from the muscle, so there’s no worry about byproducts. There’s also absolutely no soy or corn, which is ideal for avoiding upset stomachs. The kibble is rich with blueberries and cranberries, which are superb antioxidants.
There’s also some flaxseed as a source of Omega-3 and Omega-6. It’s a high-quality food that’s tasty for Yorkies while keeping them in top-notch health.
2. Taste of the Wild High Dry Hi-Prairie Formula
While not made specifically for smaller dog breeds, Taste of the Wild Dry dog food is an impressive option for Yorkies. The main protein source is bison and venison.
These proteins are a great alternative to standard chicken and beef and are generally enjoyed by any dog. The manufacturer also uses high-quality carbohydrates in the form of chicory root, sweet potatoes, and rice
As a bonus, the dry food includes fish oil. Fish oil is a great source of healthy fat to keep a Yorkie’s coat nice and shiny. Taste of the Wild is also quite affordable, making it a great option all around.
3. Natural Balance L.I.D. Sweet Potato & Chicken
L.I.D stands for limited ingredient diets, so owners can rest assured that their beloved Yorkie is only getting the essentials. It’s easy to figure out exactly what’s in the food, which is a rare commodity among dog food brands.
The source of protein doesn’t have any byproducts. Instead, it contains chicken and chicken meal. Carbohydrates make up the bulk of formula to keep costs low.
However, it uses healthy sweet potato rather than corn or soy. What makes it great for Yorkies is the shape. It’s designed to clean teeth, so it’s perfect for avoiding common dental problems.
4. Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food For Small Breeds
This dog food is designed specifically for smaller breeds like Yorkies. It contains a very high percentage of protein in the formula.
It’s comprised of 28 percent protein from three different sources. These three proteins vary from formula to formula, but they stick to high-quality options like fish and turkey.
In terms of carbohydrates, it mostly uses sweet potato. It also has flaxseed oil as a good source of fat. While it does have some artificial ingredients, the main ingredients are all healthy choices.
5. Wellness CORE Small Breed
Also from Wellness is their CORE line of dry dog food made for small breeds. It’s grain-free and contains no animal byproducts.
It’s similar in formula to the previous options but contains a few differences that make it appealing for Yorkies. It has an even higher protein content and a number of ingredients that benefit long-haired breeds.
This includes salmon oil to improve taste and fur appearance. It also has Glucosamine and Chondroitin. These supplementary ingredients help with bone and joint health, which is always a good thing to consider for any dog breed. If you want to have your own Biewer Terriers, you can click here for more information.