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What is shetland retriever?

What is Shetland retriever? Shetland Retriever is a lively and funny dog. Shetland Retriever is also a lovely dog. Shetland Retriever’s gentle character, athletic spirit and keen intelligence make him a dog who lives in pleasing and showing off. Skill training is easy for Shetland retriever.

Source of Shetland retriever

By the middle of the 19th century, thrifty islanders began to raise agile Shetland retrievers they called “tooni” to prevent ponies and sheep from entering their precious crops. Little is known about the ancestors of Shetland retriever. An earlier Shetland retriever, a variety of British working Collies, Icelandic yak dogs, and mainland miniature hounds may have contributed to the Shetland retriever gene, but until the end of this century, there was no record of the history of the sherry dog.

Life habits of Shetland retriever

Although the bark of Shetland retriever may make it intolerable in noisy urban environments, Shetland Retriever is well suited to suburban lifestyles and (where overall health permits) is a good walking, running or hiking partner with a range of miles to walk. When you’re with Shetland retriever, expect attention. The cuteness of Shetland retriever always attracts people and praises comments. Like the border collie, this small Shetland Retriever is at the top of the agile canine movement. Less competitive, Shetland retriever likes to learn skills that require a certain degree of flexibility, such as skipping a crossbar or going through a hoop. Retrieving the game is not in the contract of this breed, but some shelves have turned into tennis geeks and will be retrieved in a few hours. But don’t throw the ball into the water because most Shetland retrievers seem to think it’s made of sugar. Although the Shetland retriever mark is the most common and popular, there are other breeds of shelty with varying degrees of white frills and claws, including dogs with mottled gray black fur (blue meles) or pure black fur. A blue mailer may have blue eyes and may be deaf in one or both ears.

Shetland Retriever is very sensitive

As a smart watchdog, Shetland Retriever is very sensitive to its surroundings. As a police dog, he will remind you of any unusual activity happening outside – which means cars, cats and even children playing on the street. You can train your Shetland retriever to suppress its excessive barking response, but it will still have a strong motivation to watch the dog in the window. Buy a Shetland Sheepdog.

Shetland Retriever is a good pet


Emotionally, Shetland Retriever is very sensitive to people. When they are too sensitive, it becomes a problem. As a puppy, if not properly socialized, the neurotic and nervous Shetland retriever may suffer from certain triggers, such as children, fireworks, strangers, or even being left alone at home (see dealing with separation anxiety). However, a well-educated and well adapted Shetland retriever should be full of confidence and self-confidence in himself, while maintaining a strong sensitivity to the environment and family.