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What is portuguese water spaniel?

What is Portuguese Water Spaniel? Portuguese Water Spaniel is the offspring of a dog that Portuguese fishermen have used for centuries to drive fish into the net, retrieve fishing gear from the water, and swim between boats. Portuguese Water Spaniel probably has a common ancestor with this poodle. This poodle was bred into a water hound in Germany, which gave birth to Portuguese Water Spaniel.

The origin of Portuguese Water Spaniel

Portuguese Water Spaniel is called Cao de Agua in his hometown. Portuguese Water Spaniel, as the name suggests, is native to Portugal. In its hometown, it is known as C à o de à Gua, which means “water dog”. Portuguese Water Spaniel was developed from working dogs in the Iberian Peninsula. Excellent swimmers, dogs and Portuguese fishermen have worked together for hundreds of years and done a lot of work. Portuguese Water Spaniel are so precious that they are considered part of the crew. There is a specific purpose to lion pruning. Fishermen shave off their tails and guns to help them swim and work in the water.

The shape of Portuguese Water Spaniel


Long hair helps to keep the vital organs of Portuguese Water Spaniel warm, thus protecting the body, neck and head of Portuguese Water Spaniel from injury. These dogs work herding and fishing, retrieving broken nets or anything that falls into the water, transferring information from one ship to another or from one ship to the shore, and even guarding ships in foreign ports. These Portuguese Water Spaniel are very popular, and even non-commercial fishermen can rent one for fishing. As time went on, technology replaced the work of Portuguese Water Spaniel, and by the 1930s, the number of Portuguese Water Spaniel had declined significantly. It wasn’t until a wealthy Portuguese man named Vasco Benso started a breeding program to try to save the breed that their numbers rose again. The first pair of Portuguese Water Spaniel were imported into the United States in 1958. In 1972, the Portuguese Water Dog Club was founded. In 1983, the variety was first recognized by AKC. Some of Portuguese Water Spaniel’s talents are obedience, water testing, agility, healing dogs and aid dogs. Buy a Portuguese Water Dog.

The development process of Portuguese Water Spaniel

At the beginning of the 20th century, with the modernization of fishing industry, these industrious fishermen almost disappeared, but a rich Portuguese dog lover Vasco bensuade stepped in to save the species Portuguese Water Spaniel. Fans set up a breed club and wrote a breed standard, a written description of the breed’s appearance and behavior. So Portuguese Water Spaniel began to appear at the dog show. Decades later, they came to Britain and the United States. The Portuguese Water Dog Club was founded in 1972. Although in fact there are only 12 known porches in the United States, their number has increased to 650 only 10 years later. The American Dog Club (AKC) recognizes the miscellaneous category of Portuguese Water Spaniel, a midway station waiting for full recognition of the breed. In 1983, AKC recognized Portuguese Water Spaniel as a unique species. Today, Portuguese Water Spaniel ranks 69th among the 155 varieties recognized by AKC.