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What is portuguese water dog?

The Portuguese water dog is super smart and very submissive, meaning he’s easy to train and eager to please. The Portuguese water dog can be divided into two styles. Portuguese water dogs have jobs or sports to keep them busy. Portuguese water dogs like running.

The Portuguese water dog is a working dog

Portuguese water dog is a working dog. Portuguese water dog wants to work and please you. Like any high IQ dog, obedience training is essential for Portuguese water dogs. It not only helps to keep them excited but also reduces some of their less popular features, such as the breed’s love to jump up to meet people or their infamous reputation as anti surfers.

The history of Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese water dog, known in Portuguese as Cau de Agua, means “water dog”, is a medium-sized dog, smart, eager to please. This robust dog was bred in Portugal, where it was used to help fishermen at sea. These dogs are an ancient breed, and the first written record of their existence dates back to 1297. Portuguese water dogs used to be part of fishermen, helping them to retrieve lost fishing gear or put fish into nets. They dive into the water, bring back the lost gear, or release the fish in the direction of the net. These dogs can dive as deep as 12 feet while chasing fish! They have a moving body and webbed feet, and Portuguese water dogs act like flippers, pushing them through the water. They also have a strong tail that can serve as a rudder and waterproof clothing. This makes them excellent swimmers and good hydraulic construction.

The fur of Portuguese Water Dog

The fur of the Portuguese water dog is of medium length and can be divided into two types: tight curly hair and wavy glossy hair. The Portuguese water dog has no hair and does not shed. These Portuguese water dogs are either black, brown or white, sometimes with white patches. These dogs are considered high maintenance because Portuguese water dogs need to be bathed and groomed regularly to prevent their coats from becoming mattresses. Buy a Portuguese Water Dog.

The personality of Portuguese Water Dog


The Portuguese water dog is intelligent, independent and highly active. Portuguese water dogs need a lot of exercises, as the name suggests, they like water. These dogs need activity to keep them stimulated and keep them from getting bored. Otherwise, Portuguese water dogs may engage in destructive behaviors such as digging and chewing. These clever Portuguese water dogs are easy to train and good at agility and other sports. Portuguese water dogs perform very well in families with other dogs and cats, and their prey drive is very low, which makes them a good choice for families with other small animals. They like to play with children, but for very young children, Portuguese water dogs can be a bit too wayward. Portuguese water dogs are also good at treatment or service training. They are trained to be service dogs for deaf-mute or hearing-impaired people. When the telephone rings or someone knocks on the door, Portuguese water dogs can easily learn to bark.