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What is Neapolitan Daniff?

What is Neapolitan daniff? Neapolitan daniff is a very large dog. The size of the Neapolitan daniff may vary slightly depending on the size of the parent dog used in breeding, but you can expect an adult Neapolitan daniff to weigh 115-200 pounds or more and to be 28-34 inches or more tall.

Variety history of Neapolitan daniff

Mastiff and great danff are ancient breeds with a long history, but Neapolitan daniff itself is a quite new breed, so it does not have a very detailed history. It is likely that this Neapolitan daniff breed originated in the United States in the past few decades. The international design dog registry recognized and began to register daniff in 2009.

Neapolitan daniff look

As a hybrid, Neapolitan daniff will inherit the physical properties from the parents of the breed. Not all Neapolitan daniff will inherit the same characteristics, which means that some dogs may have more mastiff characteristics, some dogs may have more Danish characteristics, and some Neapolitan daniff may show mixed parental breeds. Most Neapolitan daniff have a great dane like appearance, but round and thick due to its mastiff side. Neapolitan daniff is a strong, muscular man with a short, smooth coat. Neapolitan daniff has a big head with two soft, floppy ears that hang down her cheeks. These dogs are very good at conveying emotions through Neapolitan daniff’s black, curious eyes and facial expressions.

Neapolitan daniff’s temperament

Neapolitan daniff loves people very much and gets along well with children. However, children should not be left alone by an adult Neapolitan daniff, because the huge size of this breed can easily knock down children unintentionally. Neapolitan daniff also works well with other pets, especially when they are introduced to them at a younger age. The dog is willing to accept others into their families and will take care of them with care and protection. Neapolitan daniff’s temperament is gentle, affectionate, and protective. This temperament of Neapolitan daniff is acquired from its parent breed, because both mastiff and great danff have mild temperament. Neapolitan daniff is a very loving and dedicated dog breed that is protecting its people but gentle towards them. If you want to know more information about neapolitan daniff, you can click here.

Neapolitan daniff may have stubborn behavior


Neapolitan daniff is very protective of his family and territory, but is not aggressive at all unless Neapolitan daniff feels a real threat. It’s a quiet dog and only barks when Neapolitan daniff sees something unusual or when a stranger approaches them. Buy a Daniff.

Maintenance requirements of Neapolitan daniff

Neapolitan daniff is a low maintenance dog breed. Neapolitan daniff’s fur doesn’t shed too much, so it doesn’t need too much cleaning or brushing. Once a week is enough. These Neapolitan daniffs do need to exercise every day, and 30 minutes to an hour’s walk is enough. You can click here for more information about Daniff pictures and Daniff breed.