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What is mini bernese mountain dog?

What is mini Bernese mountain dog? Mini Bernese mountain dog is used to herd cattle, pull a cart and be a watchdog on a Swiss farm. The ancient Mini Bernese mountain dog is considered to be the main contributor of mastiff dog, including Bernese mountain dog. Mini Bernese Mountain Dog probably bred with farm dogs from the Swiss Alps in the first century BC, and developed many breeds of Swiss mountain dogs, including mini Bernese mountain dog.


The origin of mini Bernese Mountain Dog

It is believed that mini Bernese mountain dog continued to work in these Swiss farmlands for more than 2000 years until the early 20th century, when its main purpose changed from cattle herding to dog performance. At that time, the Swiss dog club classified them as Bernese mountain dogs for the first time. After the first World War, mini Bernese mountain dog was almost extinct. Mini Bernese mountain dog was exported to the United States, and then accepted as an official variety by AKC in 1937. During the Second World War, before Berners became a mature and popular variety in the middle and late 20th century, the development of varieties wavered. Mini Bernese mountain dog is a strong worker. Mini Bernese mountain dog has a thick, silky, medium-length fur in three colors: black, white and rust. The coat and unique mark on the face of mini Bernese mountain dog are the characteristics of the breed. Combined with the intelligent light in the black eyeds, Bernard’s dignified and noble aura is enhanced. Mini Bernese mountain dog is a hardy dog that can thrive in cold weather. Mini Bernese mountain dog’s brain and muscles help him accomplish many tasks on his farm and ranch in Switzerland. Mini Bernese mountain dog gets along well with the whole family and is especially kind to children, but they tend to be more attached to a lucky person. They are very dignified, but not threatening. They keep aloof dignity towards strangers.

The personality of mini Bernese Mountain Dog

If the mini Bernese mountain dog looks like a black bear from a distance, then from a close view, the mini Bernese mountain dog is really friendly, easygoing and lovely. Although the mild tempered Mini Bernese mountain dog keeps his guard dog instinct and keeps alert to anything that may affect his family, mini Bernese mountain dog is never fierce or aggressive. This breed is very wild when it is young. When it grows up, it maintains a naughty and outgoing character. Some human say it matures slowly. Mini Bernese mountain dog loves children and is an excellent family dog. Buy a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Is mini Bernese Mountain Dog easy to train?


Mini Bernese mountain dog needs confident, consistent and gentle training. Although males can be dominant, overall, the breed is docile and should never be treated harshly. Like most dogs, mini Bernese mountain dog has a good response, and there are many active intensive treatments. Sometimes they learn very slowly, so patience is very important in training this breed. We strongly suggest that you take your mini Bernese mountain dog to obedience training to help the socialization of mini Bernese mountain dog. It’s not good for the dog to live in an apartment. Mini Bernese mountain dog needs a lot of space and yard. You need to take Mini Bernese mountain dog for a walk in the park to get them used to the new scenery and sound. Bernie coyotes are real family partners. Mini Bernese mountain dog is sweet, affectionate and easygoing. In addition, they are very kind to children and patient with active children. As we all know, this breed gets along well with other pets and is usually polite when meeting new friends. In the best state of mini Bernese mountain dog, the temperament of mini Bernese mountain dog is calm and patient. Their love and kindness really need proper socialization and training. They should get along with other dogs naturally, but you still need to teach them how to act and treat other animals.