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What is lhasa dog breed?

What is Lhasa dog breed? Due to the extreme cold weather in the Himalayas, Lhasa dog breed has a double layer of hair, and the soft inner hair falls off once a year. Lhasa dog breed the outer hair composed of coarse outer hair usually does not fall off.


The origin of the Lhasa dog breed

Lhasa dog breed was originally from Tibet, where he was a respected watchdog in palaces and monasteries. Today’s Lhasa dog breed is no longer a palace guard, but mainly a family partner, loyal to protect his family from danger. Although Lhasa dog breed is small, it is a strong and independent dog. Lhasa dog breed is an indoor Temple sentry dog bred by Tibetan Buddhist monks. It is alert and has keen hearing. The ideal Lhasa dog breed temperament is to be alert to strangers and loyal to the closest ones. If they are not trained, they will be very aggressive to strangers.

What is the average weight and height of Lhasa dog breed?

Under these hairs, the Lhasa dog breeder’s average figure is actually quite Petite! Generally speaking, adult Lhasa dog breeds weigh between 12 and 18 pounds and are between 10 and 15 inches tall. Male Lhasa dog breeds are slightly larger and slightly higher than female Lhasa dog breeds.

Does Lhasa dog breed shed hair?

Lhasa dog breed is a well-known low shedding dog. At present, there is no real hypoallergenic dog breed, but some dogs, no matter because of their genetic background, fur type or fur length, just shed far less than other dog breeds.

How to maintain Lhasa dog breed’s coat?

However, it is time-consuming and difficult for us to keep Lhasa dog breed gorgeous. We should brush and comb Lhasa dog breed regularly or even everyday. Lhasa dog breed looks very cute. When Lhasa dog breed is generally considered as a low to medium shedding breed, Lhasa dog breed needs proper management. Lhasa dog breed should take a bath at least once every two weeks. From the extreme cold weather in the Himalayas, Lhasa dog breed has a double coat: a coat for keeping warm and a coat composed of protective fur to protect and help them keep their fur flat and smooth. Lhasa dog breed’s regular brushing and bathing is necessary, not only to maintain a slow continuous shedding, but also to remove any dirt and debris that may be in the hair. A Lhasa dog breed with a thick coarse outer hair may require less carding than Lhasa has a lot of lower hair and soft, not too rough, apical hair. You should brush Lhasa dog breed’s teeth at least two to three times a week to remove tartar. If you want to prevent gum disease and bad breath in Lhasa dog breed, it’s better to brush your teeth every day. If your Lhasa dog breed grinds your nails off unnaturally, you can trim them once or twice a month.


The color of Lhasa dog breed

Lhasa dog breed may be white to beige, gray or darker, and may have black tips on the ears or beard. Lhasa dog breed is famous for its long and flowing fur, although many owners trim them to reduce the carding requirements. Buy a Lhasa Apso.

Lhasa dog breed’s personality

Lhasa dog breed has mixed personality. Lhasa dog breed is sometimes happy, sometimes playful, sometimes independent and sometimes fierce. His infancy continues into adulthood, so he has to prepare for a long period of “infancy” behavior. Lhasa dog breed is very small, not as vulnerable as many small varieties. Lhasa dog breed is strong and very protective to the family. Once Lhasa dog breed realized that strangers were no threat to his family, he would make friends with them. It also makes him an excellent watchdog. Lhasa dog breed likes to stay near her home and has no problem staying at home most of the day. She doesn’t mind spending most of the day outdoors, either. She likes to be with her pet parents, but is often content to stay at home alone for a few hours. Because of the independence of Lhasa dog breed, she does not often have separation anxiety. The temperament of Lhasa dog breed varies with heredity, training and socialization. If you have a chance to meet the parents of the puppy you are going to adopt, you can measure the parents’ temper to make sure that Lhasa dog breed is the right one for you.