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What is Kuvasz’s temperament?

What is Kuvasz’s temperament? Kuvasz is not everyone’s favorite dog. It was not rash of us to establish a relationship with Kuvasz. If you are willing to commit to early socialization and training, it can be a lifetime relationship. Kuvasz is a huge, strong, strong animal with a strong protective instinct. They’re very loyal, very smart. They will protect the people they love, even if it means sacrificing their lives to do it.


The growth rate of Kuvasz

Kuvasz is very loyal and the owner will be seen as a lifelong commitment. Kuvasz matures slowly. It takes three years to be fully mature. Female Kuvasz matures faster than male Kuvasz, but there is not much difference in temperament between male and female Kuvasz. Male Kuvasz tends to be more mellow in adulthood, but maybe more difficult to get along with in adolescence.

Kuvasz’s intelligence

Kuvasz’s intelligence is different from that of other breeds of dogs. Dogs such as golden retrievers and German Shepherd are raised to work with human beings and accept human guidance. Varieties like Kuvasz have been bred to work independently of humans, so they can make their own decisions.

Kuvasz’s nature

If you’re attracted to this breed purely because they’re beautiful, you have to adapt to Kuvasz. Kuvasz has a unique sense of humor and is likely to entertain you from the day you take him home. They are very kind and willing to please their families. They are naturally suspicious of anything unfamiliar. In their first year, a lot of social activities are very important to teach dogs, not everyone is a threat. It doesn’t hurt the dog’s protective instinct, but it can enhance it.

Kuvasz’s temperament

A good-natured Kuvasz will only exert the necessary force. Kuvasz would pose, bark, roar, then escalate into a charge and retreat. Most people face a large breed of dog and have such a show to decide that they don’t want to get entangled with the dog. This is where Kuvasz is superior to many other varieties. They are very happy about it. They lack the motivation of other species to chase / prey and are happy to see the intruder (animal or human) leave.

The protection of Kuvasz

AKC standard varieties say Kuvasz will sacrifice his life to protect his relatives. Their protective instinct comes from the overdeveloped maternal instinct – if necessary, they will sacrifice themselves! Kuvasz is a working dog, so he is born with work to do. He worked as a guardian for centuries, protecting sheep, goats, and horses from predators, thieves, and other dangers. This natural instinct will help protect his human family, territory, and other animals. If Kuvasz does not form a strong attachment to his family, he cannot be expected to protect them. If you leave him in the kennel or in the backyard, he won’t be able to reach his full potential. He is not a chained or indulged dog. Kuvasz is the happiest in family activities.


Kuvasz’s social life

A proper social Kuvasz can include no worries about strangers at family gatherings with companies, or on public outings. He will react fearlessly to any real threat to you and your family, but he will also become a social magnet for those who want to touch him. They can be gentle with babies, or rough with houses when playing with older children or adults. A good-natured Kuvasz would be particularly interested in children. But babies and toddlers don’t smell, act, or look like ordinary people to Kuvasz. We should never leave our baby alone with any kind or size of Kuvasz!