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What is Komondor’s orgin?

What is Komondor’s origin? Komondor is a large, muscular dog with a lot of bones and material. Komondor is slightly longer than his height. Its gait is light and leisurely, and it strides. Komondor’s signature coat is double layered, consisting of a thick wool undercoat and a thick wavy or curly outer coat. Komondor’s inner hair is trapped in the outer coat, making it a strong, felt, tassel like cord. Komondor’s coat helps protect the dog from the harsh environment and the teeth of a tough opponent. Komondor’s coat also helps the dog integrate into his flock.

Origin of Komondor species

What is Komondor’s orgin? The komondor is a very old and rare breed. It has been raised as a working dog for more than 1000 years and is known as the king of Hungarian sheepdogss. Early Hungarians are believed to have migrated from Asia to Europe. These early Hungarians were nomads, driving flocks of sheep, cattle and horses, which is the origin of Komondor. During these trips, they include their dogs to protect their livestock from predators. Eleven months ago, Komondor’s fur was fluffy, and when it started to be tied up with ropes, there was a kind of controlled mat. Komondor should not be brushed off or shaved off. Komondor’s thick fur protects against bad weather and predators, and the hair on his face protects his sensitive eyes. Anyone thinking about owning a Komondor will benefit a lot from joy Levy’s book “Komondor” and be ready to start detaching the ropes 11 months later, most of the work done when the dog is 3 years old. The origin of Komondor is related to Tibetan dogs. Komondor is a descendant of Tibetan dogs. Some people think that Komondor was brought to Hungary by nomadic Magyars 1000 years ago to guard large herds of cattle and sheep. Therefore, we may think that Komondor originated from Magyars. However, the latest research shows that Komondor originated from the kumans. The name Komondor comes from the name of Comando, which means “the dog of the KuMan.”. The Origin of Komondor┬áremains were found in the cemeteries of the kumans, so Komondor originated from the kumans. The earliest written reference was in the 16th century. The breed began to spread around the world in 1920, when it began to compete at dog shows. Komondor still lives outdoors for months in all kinds of weather as they protect their owners’ sheep. Komondor doesn’t herd sheep, but protects them, mainly without anyone’s help. This variety was approved by AKC in 1937.

The origin of Komondor guarantees the variety characteristics of Komondor

What is Komondor’s orgin? Komondor is a large dog that works independently. They think for themselves and don’t have to be taught how to guard against it. Instead of waiting for orders, they act on their own instincts. The Komondor owner must understand this aspect of the Komondor personality. When giving an order, Komondor thinks about why and whether the order is necessary. They don’t follow blindly. That’s why they have to respect their masters. A Komondor needs a lot of socialization and a firm hand. Never let a 20 pound Komondor do what you don’t want a 100 pound Komondor to do. Komondor is true to error. Komondor has a long history of origin. Komondor likes to be with his family and will give up his life for this family. It’s not unusual for Komondor to keep in touch with his family from room to room. For a big dog, Komondor is extremely agile. They can jump at full speed and spin 180 degrees in the air. Komondor has a long history of origin. An adult Komondor is usually very calm and sedentary. So the origin of Komondor is very bumpy. Komondor is usually strategically located to oversee its own field. Komondor is naturally wary of strangers and is an excellent watchdog. They are loyal to their master and will protect him from strangers. This feature makes the dog can only be used as a protector of the herd and sheep, rather than for driving. Komondor has a long history of origin. When mature, the breed is a serious, brave and very loyal herd and sheep keeper. Komondor has a long history of origin. When he was a little dog, Komondor was a naughty little dog. Komondor is big and scary to strangers. They don’t tolerate intruders or strange faces, but they are lovely, gentle and protective to the children they grow up with. Komondor sees “their” children as the most important members of the group. Buy a Komondor.

The origin of Komondor is related to the world war


What is Komondor’s orgin? The origin of Komondor has a long history, but the world war played a great role in the destruction of Komondor. As guardians of sheep and humans, many were shot dead, and some experts say that after World War II there were fewer than 20 Komondors left in Hungary. So the origin of Komondor is very bumpy. Komondor began to import to the United States in the 1930s, and was recognized by the American dog club at that time. There are less than 10000 Komondors in the world.