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What is canaan terrier?

What is Canaan Terrier? For centuries, Canaan Terrier has lived freely in the desert, but in 1935, world events conspired to bring it back to human society. Not only it is the second world war brewing, but an independent Jewish state is about to be established. Isolated Jewish settlements in Palestine need police dogs that can withstand desert conditions, and the armed forces in the region are looking for a tough desert police dog and patrol dog.

The origin of Canaan Terrier

Rudolphina Menzel, Professor of animal and comparative psychology at Tel Aviv University, was asked to develop a dog that could meet these needs. Her original plan was to cooperate with established varieties, but in her mind, she kept imagining the Canaan Terrier she saw in the desert. Canaan Terrier has survival skills, which is what they need. In the wild, Canaan Terrier presents several different shapes, but it has been basically standardized since its domestication. It’s a Spitz type breed with a strong, compact body. The Canaan Terrier has a wedge-shaped head, which is very wide because the ears are low and erect. There is a flat skull between the ears. The muzzle is quite wide and long, with a strong chin and big teeth. The eyes of Canaan Terrier are dark brown, squint and have black eyelids.

The shape of Canaan Terrier

The neck of Canaan Terrier is well muscled and fits well on the shoulders. The body is square and in equal proportion in the vertical and horizontal directions. The chest is deep and wide, and the strong abdomen is well folded. As a Spitz, the Canaan Terrier has a thick, bushy tail that is set high and carried curly on the back. Canaan terrier’s forelimbs and hind legs are the same length, each joint is at an angle, the claws are strong, and the shape is like a cat. Canaan Terrier has a light, short gait, which is deceptive fast.

Canaan Terrier is a rare species

Dr. Manzel and her husband acquired several desert dogs and began breeding them, recording and perfecting their lineage. They trained their new breed of sentinels to work on mine detection and information transmission, and they actively worked with Middle East forces during World War II. After the war, some Canaan terriers began their second career as guide dogs. By 1948, the Palestinian dog club had registered 150 dogs. In 1965, Ursula burkwitz of Oxnard, California, introduced four Canaan terriers. In the same year, the American Canaan Terrier Club was established. The breed was approved by the United Kennel Club in 1992 and by the American Kennel Club in 1997. In 1998, when Felix of Catalina became the first Canaan Terrier to compete in the Westminster Kennel Club competition, the breed became the national focus. Canaan Terrier is still a rare species, ranking 150th among 155 varieties registered by AKC.

Characteristics of Canaan Terrier


With pointed ears and a slightly curly tail, Canaan Terrier is a sharp and alert companion who doesn’t like to associate with strangers too much. As an ancient guard dog breed from Israel, this breed is very loyal and firm voice. This species is still very rare. The Canaan Terrier is a pariah dog (dog lupus), also known as the Bedouin shepherd or the Palestinian pariah dog. It is one of the oldest and rarest species in the world. The shepherd is a descendant of a semi wild pariah dog that has been found in what is now known as Israel since biblical times. Buy a Canaan Dog.

Canaan Terrier has a long history

These dogs have been living with humans for 2000 years, and they are used to guard and graze livestock. However, they were not fully domesticated until the 20th century. Dr Rudolph and Dr Rudolph Menzel set up a breeding program in Israel in the 1930s. Some of these dogs are still in the wild, although many were eliminated as part of the rabies eradication program. The Canaan Terrier is a medium-sized dog with a ‘wild-type’ look. They have a wedge-shaped head with upright ears on it. The double coat of Canaan Terrier is short and hard. These dogs are usually white with large brown, black or red spots. Some dogs may be brown or black with white markings. The Canaan Terrier is muscular, very agile, with a square and balanced body. The Canaan Terrier has a thick tail curled on its back. Canaan Terrier can also be non curly and pointed straight to assist them with balance when they move at speed.