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What is canaan dog breed?

What is Canaan dog breed? Canaan dog breed was developed in Israel in the 20th century, which originated from semi wild Dalit dog. Canaan dog breed is the offspring of animals in the area since biblical times. Over time, Canaan dog breeds have been used as guardians and hounds, but most have returned to the wild and live in desert areas.

In the 1930s, a breeding program began to reintroduce the wild dogs to provide guards for the isolated kibbutzim. In wartime, Canaan dog breed served as a messenger and sentinel and proved to be good at finding mines. In 1949, the Institute of orientation and action for the blind took over the breeding of Canaan dog breed. About 150 dogs from kennels formed the population of Canaan dog breed.

Characteristics of Canaan dog breed

It’s a versatile breed. Although the Canaan dog breed is not good at any field, it is smart, quick to learn, ready and willing to engage in almost any dog’s activities, from tracking to grazing, from obedience to agility. Canaan dog breed just drew the line when he jumped into the cold lake to catch a bird. Today’s Canaan dog breed retains its original grazing skills, and some people have achieved good results through grazing experiments. The grazing instinct of Canaan dog breed is not as strong as that of some other breeds, especially Border Collies, and it is not as single-minded as that of some sports breeds. Few Canaan dog breeds can retrieve a ball a hundred times in a row. Canaan dog breed is mild in behavior and appearance.

Training needs of Canaan dog breed

Nevertheless, it’s a dog who needs to be firm, but love to deal with as well as early socialization of childhood offsets the tendency towards indifference and aggression of other dogs. Experienced dog owners will find Canaan dog breed easy to train, but the first contact may be very busy. A confident attitude and the help of a good coach can ease the situation. This clever Canaan dog breed responds best to motivational skills such as food reward, praise and play. Canaan dog breed is easy to get tired of repetitive training and needs a challenging and creative learning environment.

The shape of Canaan dog breed

Canaan dog is cold resistant, smart and trainable. Canaan dog breed must be well socialized. Canaan dog breed is used for herding, guarding, tracking and as a guide dog. They are indifferent and cautious to strangers and unfamiliar environments, but loyal to their families. They tend to be vocal and playful. Medium build, 19 to 24 inches (48 to 61 cm) tall and 35 to 55 pounds (16 to 25 kg). Canaan dog breed has erect ears, a wedge-shaped head, and a thick tail that tends to curl on the back. The short coarse double coat of Canaan dog breed may be white with large brown, black or red spots, usually with a contrasting mask or hood, or solid with some white spots. The solid color of the dog may be black or any Brown shadow. Buy a Canaan Dog.

Summary of Canaan dog breed

The intensive social activities of Canaan dog breed from childhood are very important. In order to overcome Canaan dog’s instinctive prudence and sensitivity to strangers, they must continue to make efforts to meet new friends in a positive environment for several years. This prudence and sensitivity can be shown as aggression. In addition, many people are aggressive dogs, especially when encountering other homosexuals. Therefore, it is not recommended to keep other dogs at home, and smaller pets may be regarded as prey. Despite these special considerations, Canaan dog breed is a well trained dog, in the right hand. As a matter of fact, Canaan dog breed is for the disabled and was domesticated in the 20th century as a mine detection dog of the Israeli armed forces. Canaan dog breed has very light athletic requirements, and a low shedding jacket that is easy to take care of. In addition, thousands of years of desert life have created a very low incidence rate of genetic diseases, which means that Canaan dog has many suggestions for an experienced owner to seek a rare variety. The life expectancy of Canaan dog breed is 12 to 15 years.