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What is Borzoi dog breed?

What is Borzoi dog breed? In the years before the revolution, dog lovers in Britain and the United States began to import Borzoi dog breed to their coasts. These early imports ensured the survival of the breed. In the English speaking world, the breed name is Russian wolfhound.


Changes in the name of Borzoi dog breed

In 1936, this situation changed in the United States. After a long and fierce debate, the support and opposition of dog lovers in the United States was officially renamed Borzoi dog breed (Borzoi dog breed), which came from Russia’s Borzoi dog breed (borzyi), meaning “fast”. According to everyone, this noble and arrogant appearance and pure temperament are no different from the hound that Tolstoy described so passionately in his works.

The shape of Borzoi dog breed

Similar to greyhound, Borzoi dog breed has slender legs, narrow body, deep chest, curved back, curled abdomen and long tail. Borzoi dog breed has feathers on its tail and hindquarters. Borzoi dog breed has a strong neck and chin, a slightly domed skull, a long and narrow face and muzzle. The teeth are strong, even or scissors shaped. They have dark eyes and soft expressions. Borzoi dog breed has a very elegant and elegant look, but agile, powerful and very fast. Males are at least 28 inches tall and females are at least 26 inches tall. The average weight for men is 75 to 105 pounds and for women is 60 to 85 pounds. Their fur is long, a little silky, curly, wavy or straight. They have thick curls around their necks. Borzoi dog breed puppies often have curly hair. Although all colors and patterns are allowed, white with patches is the most common pattern.
How long will Borzoi dog breed live? A dog in good health and proper care can live to 9 or 10 years old, although many people live to 12 to 14 years old.

Is Borzoi dog breed hard to support?

No, but Borzoi’s proper care, exercise, good food and the necessary veterinary care and beauty are essential.

How much did Borzoi dog breed eat?

Borzoi dog breed is an unexpected little eater for a large variety. Because puppies grow rapidly, they consume more food than adults. In general, the food intake of adult Borzoi dog breed was similar to that of adult shepherd dog or setter. The quality of food is the most important thing. Generally speaking, strenuous exercise is not recommended before and after eating.


Does Borzoi dog breed lose hair?

All long haired dogs lose their hair, and Borzoi dog breed is no exception. Females shed after one season, males shed every year. If sprayed, the females will shed as well as the males. Regular daily grooming can remove loose hair and dirt from your hair. Bathing is necessary, but not as frequent as other breeds. Buy a Borzoi.

Male Borzoi dog breed vs female Borzoi dog breed

Male and female Borzoi dog breeds differ in body shape and personality. Taking this into account, male and female Borzoi dog breeds are significantly different in size. Male Borzoi dog breeds show obvious masculinity. They don’t like to go into a room and stay for a long time. Similarly, female Borzoi dog breeds are very elegant, and you’ll expect to learn about them from the puppies and their backgrounds.