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What is bernese mountain shepherd?

Raising a Bernese mountain shepherd has both advantages and disadvantages. The benefits of raising a Bernese mountain shepherd include variety diversity. Bernese mountain shepherd was initially developed as a farm dog. It helps farmers carry heavy carts, graze and care for livestock. It is a good family dog. Bernese mountain shepherd can be a patient and gentle family mate, pet and properly trained, and this dog can make any owner proud. Bernese mountain Shepherd is very sociable and likes to spend as much time with the owners as possible. This Bernese mountain Shepherd is usually not aggressive, which is another drawback.

The life habit of Bernese mountain Shepherd

The disadvantages of having a Bernese mountain shepherd include the short life expectancy of the dog. There are some health issues that this breed is sensitive to, which contribute to the dog’s short life expectancy. Another disadvantage of owning a Bernese mountain Shepherd is that this breed requires an experienced dog owner who understands the nature of this working dog. Bernese mountain Shepherd is essentially a working dog, which needs work to be happy. For example, these dogs can find help on the farm. On the farm, Bernese mountain shepherd can thrive. Dog owners need to invest time and energy in training their dogs. Bernese mountain Shepherd is very affectionate to the host and needs to get as much affection as they are willing to give. This variety does not recommend apartment life, because Bernese mountain Shepherd is the happiest time and has the opportunity to give full play to their working wisdom. Bernese mountain shepherd’s dog is very sociable and needs the owners around him to be full-time.

The character of Bernese mountain Shepherd

There is no doubt that for some human, Bernese mountain Shepherd is beautiful and a good companion. Before we talk about Bernese mountain shepherd, let’s take a look at the lovely four legged companion. Bernese mountain shepherd, sometimes called BMD or Berne, is a medium-sized working dog with a long coat. According to the American dog club, Bernese mountain Shepherd is a kind of dog with medium energy and calm and kind personality. Generally speaking, having an active family and having human at home makes this breed happier. If Bernese mountain shepherd stays at home alone most of the time, it’s not so good. Buy a┬áBernese Mountain Dog.

Does Bernese mountain shepherd shed hair?


Yes, Bernese mountain shepherd will lose hair. It’s just a fact when living in any long haired dog. Bernese mount shepherd shedding can be excessive if it is not combed frequently. You can try to minimize the impact of shedding on your home and your clothes, and often comb. Fortunately, it only takes a few minutes to maintain your dog’s fur, several times a week. Brush your coat at least once a week. Comb Bernese mountain shepherd’s coat more thoroughly at least once a week. Any kind of dog brush should work on a clean surface, but to minimize the loss of Bernese mountain shepherd, you need to have the right tools. Varieties with double coat need extra attention, otherwise carpets and carriages will start to look like dogs in midsummer. Use the right grooming tools to keep your Bernese mountain shepherd relatively unhairing.