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What is Apricot Poochon?

Apricot poochon is a cross between two non shedding varieties. Although the apricot poochon is not a very common name brand dog, the apricot poochon is becoming a popular companion. The most remarkable feature of apricot poochon is that its hair does not fall off. Apricot poochon is a vibrant and lovely little breed suitable for most allergic patients. Usually, the most difficult part of owning an apricot poochon is walking without being stopped by strangers, because strangers want to photograph their lovely apricot poochon!

Is apricot poochon a family dog?

Given that the parents of apricot poochon are two highly intelligent, loyal and dog loving, apricot poochon is an almost perfect family dog and is a family and child. Given its gentle, kind and patient nature, it is a good choice.
Apricot poochon dogs also has good partnerships with other dogs and pets and is unlikely to cause any problems once socialized. Kind, gentle and self-conscious, apricot poochon is eager to please its owner, so it’s easy to train.

The history of apricot poochon

In the 1990s, with the craze for designing dogs, the apricot poochon became popular. There is an increasing demand for small dogs suitable for family and urban life. Apricot poochon is a natural choice for breeders who want to combine popular breeds. Apricot poochon is good at taking orders and will not give up attention quickly when facing new challenges or learning experiences. Although cleverness can sometimes be understood as stubbornness, it’s easy for good hosts to get their apricot poochon to work with almost anything and anyone. Despite their mild temperament, the apricot poochon is also lively and the most energetic of all puppies. This is often underestimated – they’re not a dog that likes to sit with its owner all day.
Poochon dogs‘ energy makes them good enough with kids mentally and easily, stimulating dogs enough to make excellent companies. Buy a Poochon.

The personality of apricot poochon


In terms of personality, apricot poochon is friendly to almost all creatures. This is a dog that lacks predatory or defensive instincts. On the contrary, it seems to make friends with the people it meets. Although some apricot poochon may be shy and some hesitant, it may be because they know they are small, and they usually become very trusting of people they feel safe with. However, the most important thing is that this apricot poochon is full of love and dedication to its host. Otherwise, apricot poochon will be glum or soon bored, leading to depression and barking. In fact, although the apricot poochon seems to be the ideal low maintenance designer breed, this is far from the truth, because the owner who does not invest enough time in the dog will notice a sharp decline in its emotional and social abilities. Apricot poochon also needs a lot of fairly intense exercise, more than many people expect. Don’t expect an apricot poochon to be exhausted before you! Apricot poochon gets on well with other dogs as long as they feel safe. Do you want to know poochon full grown look like? You can click here for more poochon information.