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What is a silver Borzoi?

What is a silver Borzoi? Silver Borzoi looks fancy, but they are used for hunting.

The history of silver Borzoi


In the said hunting, silver Borzoi is kept in a large place, possibly more than 100. The silver Borzoi team hunts wolves, foxes and rabbits. Silver Borzoi is expected to find and lock the wolf and wait for the hunter to catch up. Sometimes wolves are released so that they can continue to hunt later. The sport was popular until the liberation of Russian serfs in 1861. Without their free labor, the nobles could no longer afford their luxurious outings. As a result, the silver Borzoi species was almost extinct, but some loyal enthusiasts kept the lineage. Silver Borzoi is a large but Regal and elegant dog in the Sighthound group. The rare and noble silver Borzoi originated in Russia. Here they were used by nobles to hunt. The breed can grow to 26 to 32 inches tall and weigh from 60 to 105 pounds. Today’s silver Borzoi is still able to run very fast. But the pets they keep at home are extremely docile.

How to take care of silver Borzoi?

Silver Borzoi is very adaptable. As long as they have enough interaction and exercise every day, silver Borzoi will be happy everywhere.

The environment needs of silver Borzoi

Unlike Greyhound cousins, silver Borzoi has a silky coat that does provide some protection from the cold. But these dogs can also adapt to high temperatures, really without any specific environmental needs.

Sport needs of silver Borzoi

Moderate daily exercise is enough to keep silver Borzoi healthy. But this is a baseline, and your dog is often very happy to accompany you in greater adventures. Whether it’s trekking, playing in the backyard, or other forms of exercise, silver Borzoi is happy as long as it’s with you.


Shedding and carding of silver Borzoi

Silver Borzoi’s long, silky fur does fall off, but it doesn’t need much maintenance to keep it at its best. Brushing every day or two will keep your dog’s fur clean and cushionless. Silver Borzoi goes through a greenhouse once a year, so I hope to do more maintenance work at this time. Silver Borzoi often depilates. You should always keep your dog’s nails trimmed and ears clean to prevent discomfort or infection. Regular bathing also helps keep your dog clean and his coat healthy.

Silver Borzoi’s health problems

Genetic problems are common in silver Borzoi. Silver Borzoi can develop hip and elbow dysplasia, exfoliative osteoarthritis and progressive retinal atrophy. Working with reputable breeders can help prevent these problems, but regular checks are necessary to capture, treat, or prevent anything that might happen to your dog. Buy a Borzoi.

The behavior of silver Borzoi

Separation anxiety happens to silver Borzoi. Proper socialization and a lot of daily interaction can help prevent your silver Borzoi from developing into this disability problem. Silver Borzoi is also very prey driven and will quickly follow any furry movement. Fence or strap the silver Borzoi to help prevent your dog from getting lost.